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Sensible way to grab config from various sources

Project description

So you have some configuration variables, and you want them to be available to be in any number of ini-like files, as well as overridable from the environment, and overridable from the command line. Define once, and use.

>>> options = [
...    Option('debug', 'Run in debug mode', False,
...           short_name='d', converter=bool, action='store_true'),
... ]
>>> conf = Config(options)
>>> conf.debug # Will start as the default value

This time we shall pass an env prefix to look up on, so as not to pollute any environment namespace too badly:

>>> conf = Config(options, 'PONY')
>>> conf.grab_from_env({'PONY_DEBUG': '1'})
>>> conf.debug

Now we can grab some stuff from argv:

>>> conf = Config(options)
>>> conf.grab_from_argv(['--debug'])
>>> conf.debug

Also, remember that you can serialize these things:

>>> conf = Config(options)
>>> conf.to_dict()
{'debug': False}

So as you can see above, the options were declared, and then the config object was created from those options. It is imagined that an application may collate the options from many different places, such as plugins which wish to define their own options.

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