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Export Sentry issues to CSV for further analysis

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Dump Sentry issues to CSV for further analysis.

$ sentry2csv --token f9u3fdu821ed9j10sj19kjd991010 sparkmeter TopSecretProject13
Fetching issues page 1
Exported to sparkmeter-TopSecretProject13-export.csv
$ head -2 sparkmeter-TopSecretProject13-export.csv
AttributeError,secret_project.tasks.remove_every_zig,'NoneType' object has no attribute 'zig_count',12,1,,


sentry2csv is available on PyPI.

pipx (reccomended)

pipx is a tool that allows you to install and run Python applications in isolated environments.

  1. Install pipx, following their instructions
  2. Install sentry2csv: pipx install sentry2csv


Alternatively, you can install sentry2csv using standard pip.

  1. pip3 install sentry2csv


  1. Get a Sentry API Token from
  2. Run the exporter: sentry2csv --token <API_TOKEN> <SENTRY_ORG> <SENTRY_PROJECT>
    • For example, sentry2csv --token f9u3fdu821ed9j10sj19kjd991010 sparkmeter TopSecretProject13

This also accepts an optional --enrich flag. Enrichments augment issues with data from the latest event. An enrichment is in the form of dotted.sentry.path=CSV_Field_Name, and multiple enrichments are comma-separated.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Create a virtualenv with Python 3.7 or greater
    • e.g., mkvirtualenv -p $(which python3.7) sentry2csv
  3. Install the package in editable mode: pip install -e .[dev]
  4. Hack away!

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