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Another SeqRecord class with methods: degenerate seqs, codon positions based on reading frames, etc.

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Another SeqRecord class with methods: degenerate seqs, codon positions based on reading frames, etc.


By default it assumes a DNA sequence with ambiguous characters.

>>> from seqrecord_expanded import SeqRecordExpanded
>>> seq_record = SeqRecordExpanded('TCTGAATGGAAGACAAAGCGTCCA',
...                                voucher_code='CP100-09',
...                                taxonomy={'genus': 'Melitaea',
...                                          'species': 'phoebe',
...                                         },
...                                gene_code='EF1a',
...                                reading_frame=1,
...                                table=1,  # translation table
...                                )
>>> # Degenerate sequence standard genetic code
>>> seq_record.degenerate()
>>> # Degenerate sequence S method
>>> seq_record.degenerate(method='S')
>>> # Degenerate sequence Z method
>>> seq_record.degenerate(method='Z')
>>> # Degenerate sequence SZ method
>>> seq_record.degenerate(method='SZ')
>>> # get first codon positions
>>> seq_record.first_codon_position()
>>> # get second codon positions
>>> seq_record.second_codon_position()
>>> # get third codon positions
>>> seq_record.third_codon_position()
>>> # get first and second positions
>>> seq_record.first_and_second_positions()
>>> # translate to aminoacid sequence
>>> seq_record.translate()
>>> # translate to aminoacid sequence
>>> seq_record.translate(table=1)


pip install seqrecord-expanded


pip install -r requirements.txt


Supported Python versions: 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, pypy.




seqrecord-expanded was written by Carlos Peña.

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