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[BETA] Link Arduino and Python using serial port

Project description



For Arduino

  • Clone the repo
  • Compress the seriarduino_cpp folder into

Note: You can also download from the releases

  • Open the Arduino IDE
  • Go into Sketch > Include a library and add the library from the file

For Python (tested on Raspbian)

  • Clone the repo OR uncompress the file from the releases

  • Open the seriarduino_py folder in a terminal

  • In the terminal, enter ./ install


The following sample is linking an Arduino with a Raspberry Pi:

Arduino side

#include <SeriArduino.h>

SeriArduino raspberry;

String input;
float value;

void setup () {
    // We set the serial to 9600 bauds (be sure to use the same on the Python side)

void loop() {
    // If raspberry gets any data
    if(raspberry.available()) {
        // We read the data and save it into the "input" variable
        input =;

	    // We convert the input into a float,
        // to do some computations later
	    value = input.toFloat();

        Serial.println("We got a " + String(value));

	    // A simple computation
	    value = value * 2;

	    // We send the new data to the Raspberry Pi


Python side (Raspberry Pi)

from seriarduino import SeriArduino

arduino = SeriArduino(bauds = 9600)

while True:
	# We ask what value to send
	val = input("Value to send: ")

	# We send to Arduino this value
 	print ("Value sent: ", val)

	# We wait for the answer
	answer =

	print ("The Arduino answer is: ", answer)

By default, SeriArduino will try to find the serial address, but you can also manually specify it by using the address argument on the constructor (e.g. SeriArduino(address = "/dev/ttyACM0"))

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