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Set your router's public IP at

Project description

This DynDNS client script is posting your router’s public IP-Adress to each time it is called. The post URL is configurable in the setip3.cfg file.

A Requirements

  • Developed and tested on Windows 7 Home Premium (64 Bit) and

    Debian 7.0 Linux (64 Bit)

  • Python 3.2.3 is required to run this script.

  • Apple Computers and Apple OS are not supported. We do not support companies

    who like to have an utility patent for a glass plate with round corners and a thin aluminum chassis.

B Installation

For Windows download the correct .msi file, for Debian choose the python3 package. You can get help here:

B.1 Windows Install

  1. At first install Python 3.3.0 from here:

    Windows X86-64 MSI Installer (3.3.0)

  2. Download and unpack SetIP3

  3. Create a link in Autostart that points to to run the script each

    time you start your computer.

  4. Alternatively you can configure a scheduled task in windows

On Windows the location for the setip3.cfg and setip3.log file is <C:Python33>.

B.2 Debian Install

  1. As user root type at the console window to install the correct package:

    apt-get install python3

  2. Download and unpack SetIP3 to /usr/share

  3. In /etc/rc.local insert a line before the exit 0 like this:

    python3 /usr/share/SetIP3/

  4. Alternatively you can configure a scheduled cron job

On Debian Linux the location for the setip3.cfg and setip3.log file is </usr/local>.

C Configuration of setip3.cfg

In setip3.cfg you may set the log level and at least your domain name and your password to update the IP-Address for your domain name. Example:

# Log levels are: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR and CRITICAL LogLevel = logging.DEBUG # Set your domain here: ZoneValue = <> # Set your password here: DomainPasswordValue = <passwd>

Project details

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