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pep8 command for setuptools

Project description

Setuptools pep8 command

Originally based on

This package exposes the pep8 style guide checker as a sub-command of

$ cat
        name='your project',
$ cat setup.cfg
$ python pep8
running pep8
./ W391 blank line at end of file

This invokes pep8 and applies any configuration from your setup.cfg file’s [pep8] section. Typical use cases include simplification of continuous-integration job configurations.



Release date: 29-Dec-2013

Final major release before v1.0 (project goes into maint mode).

Contains non-backwards-compatable changes!


  • Resolves clash with setuptools Command –verbose flag


  • All pep8 cmdline options can now be specified on the python pep8 command line

  • pep8 return code is propagated to the python command return code

Non-Functional Changes:

  • Drastic simplification of pep8 setuptools Command implementation

  • Minor changes to testing code (adopt usage of process return code)

Backwards Incompatable Changes:

  • –pep8-output option has been removed. Replace usage of this with shell redirection.

  • –check-dirs option has been removed. Replace usage of this with pep8’s –exclude option.

Any users wishing to retain these features are advised to stay on version 0.2.0.


Release date: 28-Dec-2013

  • Stable build, promoted minor version. No functional changes.


Release date: 28-Dec-2013

  • Enabled Travis-CI integration testing

  • Configured auto upload from Travis -> PyPI for tagged releases

  • Minor formatting tweaks


Release date: Not released

  • Minor tweak to .rst syntax, fix rendering issues on PyPI


Release date: 3-Dec-2013

  • Bugfix: missing NEWS.rst in manifest


Release date: 3-Dec-2013

  • @yoloseem fixed indentation bug

  • Fixed setup.cfg parsing of include / exclude directives


Release date: 6-Oct-2013

  • Fixed github issue #1: Setting pep8 directives in setup.cfg doesn’t work

  • Exposed –check-dirs= option to control which modules are checked

  • Fixed incorrect handling of stdout/stderr when redirecting pep8 output to a file


Release date: 4-Oct-2013

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