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SGX structures parsing wrapper library for the Decentriq platform.

Project description


Constants and structures related to the Intel SGX ISA extension.

Getting started

JavaScript / TypeScript

Add the package from folder js/pkg as dependency to the package.json in your project:

  "dependencies": {
    "sgx-ias-structs": "file:sgx-ias-structs-[version].tgz"


Install the wheel from folder py/pkg by running pip3 install sgx_ias_structs.whl and then just import sgx_ias_structs at the top of your python script

🎁 Build & Package

JavaScript / TypeScript

To build the wasm code and the js/ts binding run in the js folder:

  • npm run build-node for nodejs
  • npm run build-bundler for browser / webpack
  • npm run build for one compatible with both

Then package the dependency by running npm pack in the corresponding pkg dir.


To build the python bindings you'll need maturin. Run in the py folder:

  • pip3 install maturin to install maturin
  • ./ to build the wheel for the current platform in the pkg folder

🛠️ Test

We have four different test stages.


Regular tests written in Rust. Just call cargo test.


Some test can be specified to run in the node wasm interpreter. They are defined using the [wasm_bindgen_test] attribute. In order to run them go execute the following command in the js folder:

npm run wasm-test

JavaScript / TypeScript

There also are some tests for the JavaScript bindings using mocha and chai.
They are defined in the folder js/tests and can be run using the following command:

npm run test


There also are some tests for the Python bindings using tox.
They are defined in the folder py/tests and can be run using the following command:


Project details

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