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Permit to unleash the full efficiency of shadok's logic in Python.

Project description


A python library that permit to unleash the full efficiency of shadok's logic.


pip3 install shadok



You can create a ShadokInteger from an int or a string.

from shadok import ShadokInteger
i = ShadokInteger("BugaZoMeu")
j = ShadokInteger(56)
k = ShadokInteger("◿")
# −𝙾ᒧ◿ ◿ᒧ𝙾 ◿
print(int(i), int(j), int(k))
# 75 56 3
print(i.pronunciation, j.pronunciation, k.pronunciation)
# BuGaZoMeu MeuZoGa Meu

You can't create a ShadokInteger from a string with multiple word. The following code will raise an error. But the more you fail the closer you are to success :

from shadok import ShadokInteger
ShadokInteger("Buga ZoMeu")

Will get you the following error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/home/shadok/shadok/", line 14, in __init__
    % value
shadok.path_to_success.ImproperShadokLogic: Cannot cast string containing
multiple words ('Buga ZoMeu') to an int.


You can create a ShadokString from a shadok sentences with multiple words separated by spaces. If a word is an shadok integer you can get its value with int(). ShadokString are string, it means you can create a ShadokInteger from one.

from shadok import ShadokString
a = ShadokString("zogabuzomEu")
b = ShadokString("ZoGabuzoMeu")
c = ShadokString("Gabu")
c += "◿ᒧ𝙾 ZoMEU"  # Mutlitple words
# ZoGaBuZoMeu ZoGaBuZoMeu GaBu ◿ᒧ𝙾 ZoMeu
print(int(a), int(b)) # c cannot be casted to int
# 539 539

You can't use improper shadok syntax in a ShadokString :

from shadok import ShadokString
ShadokString("Gabu Gibi")

Will get you the following error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/home/shadok/shadok/", line 42, in __init__
  File "/home/shadok/shadok/", line 42, in check_syntax
    raise ImproperShadokSyntax(word, matches)
Incorrect shadok syntax in 'Gibi'
Au Goulp !

You can also translate a ShadokString to french :

import itertools
from shadok import ShadokString
result = lambda val:print("Translation of {} : {}".format(val, ShadokString(val).translation))
letters = ["Ga", "Bu", "Zo", "Meu"]
for a in  letters:
for a, b in itertools.product(letters, letters):
for a,b,c in itertools.product(letters, letters, letters):

Will result in this output :

Translation of Ga : {0, 'Moi', 'Intérieur', 'Non'}
Translation of Bu : {1, 'Oui', 'Eau'}
Translation of Zo : {'Nouille', 2, 'Extérieur', 'Lui'}
Translation of Meu : {'Trou', 3}
Translation of GaGa : {0, 'Toi'}
Translation of GaBu : {1, 'Notion'}
Translation of GaZo : {2}
Translation of GaMeu : {3}
Translation of BuGa : {4, 'Petite pompe'}
Translation of BuBu : {5}
Translation of BuZo : {6}
Translation of BuMeu : {7}
Translation of ZoGa : {8}
Translation of ZoBu : {9}
Translation of ZoZo : {10}
Translation of ZoMeu : {11}
Translation of MeuGa : {12}
Translation of MeuBu : {13}
Translation of MeuZo : {14}
Translation of MeuMeu : {'Trous', 15}
Translation of GaGaGa : {0, "Espèce d'imbécile"}
Translation of GaGaBu : {1}
Translation of GaGaZo : {2}
Translation of GaGaMeu : {3}
Translation of GaBuGa : {4}
Translation of GaBuBu : {5}
Translation of GaBuZo : {6}
Translation of GaBuMeu : {7}
Translation of GaZoGa : {8}
Translation of GaZoBu : {9}
Translation of GaZoZo : {10}
Translation of GaZoMeu : {11}
Translation of GaMeuGa : {12}
Translation of GaMeuBu : {13}
Translation of GaMeuZo : {14}
Translation of GaMeuMeu : {15}
Translation of BuGaGa : {16, 'Grosse pompe'}

Translation of MeuMeuMeu : {63}


The MagicFaucet permit to check if a string is in proper Shadok syntax :

from shadok import MagicFaucet
# Proper syntax, nothing will happen
# Will raise an ImproperShadokSyntax exception

Will get you the following error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/home/shadok/shadok/", line 42, in check_syntax
    raise ImproperShadokSyntax(word, matches)
Incorrect shadok syntax in 'GabuZoMi'
Au Goulp !

The MagicFaucet also permit to pretty print your shadok without instantiation of a ShadokString:

from shadok import MagicFaucet
# 'MeuMeuMeuMeu'


  • I need to perform serious arithmetic operations on large numbers does this library provide that ?

Sadly the highest order of meta-bin yet attainable is only 31. Those are big very meta bins though.

  • Why is GaGaGaGaGaBu becoming Bu when I cast it to int ?

See "My empty meta bins are disappearing".

  • My empty meta bins are disappearing when I create a ShadokInteger ?! But I need them if my number get bigger !

You should create meta bins only when you need them for efficiency.

  • My string was Gagaga and was casted to a boolean. It returned False, shouldn't it means You fool ! and be True instead ?

When evaluating a string containing only Ga you must ask yourself : why make a simple test when a complicated one will do ? The shadok logic tell us that we need to cast to an int when evaluating a boolean value. We must also get rid of the empty meta bins in integer. So Gagaga equals 0, equals [False, "You fool !"]. So when casted into a boolean you have 1 in 33 chance that its equals to False and 1 in 2 chance that its equal to "You fool !". It could also be True but that would really be by chance and maybe by mistake.

  • Is there any side effect to using this library ?

Yes, for small operations, we're trying to rely on the new threshold required to be parent (BuBu). If you're using the program before it was created and if the new reform is not yet effective, we can count to the old limit (BuGa) and create one or a few millions shadok's eggs, if we're not careful. Please however note that for big operation this help with performance because shadok can help with parallelism as soon as they hatch, so in this situation we're counting over 5 on purpose.

  • Can I run this in parallel ?

See question above, this is the default, but you need to count to −− first. If you count to −𝙾 or less why do you even want to run in parallel in the first place ?

  • Do you count to −𝙾 when you pretty print using MagicFaucet ?


  • I get a ColanderIsInFactABusError when I instantiate my Colander...

Your colander seems to be a pot, please make sure your pot has a handle and is not, in fact, a bus.

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