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Python connector for the Shadow Daemon web application firewall

Project description

Shadow Daemon is a web application firewall that intercepts requests at application-level. This repository contains a component of Shadow Daemon to connect Python applications with the shadowd server.


For the full documentation please refer to


You can install the package with easy_install or pip:

easy_install shadowd
pip install shadowd

It is also possible to clone this repository and install the package manually:

python install

You also have to create a configuration file. You can copy misc/examples/connectors.ini to /etc/shadowd/connectors.ini. The example configuration is annotated and should be self-explanatory.


To protect CGI applications you simply have to load the module:

import shadowd.cgi_connector


Django applications require a small modification. It is necessary to create a hook to intercept requests. To do this create the file middleware/ in the application directory:

from shadowd.django_connector import InputDjango, OutputDjango, Connector

def shadowdconnector(get_response):
    def middleware(request):
        input = InputDjango(request)
        output = OutputDjango()

        status = Connector().start(input, output)
        if not status == True:
            return status

        return get_response(request)

    return middleware

There also has to be an empty file in the middleware directory. Next you have to register the middleware in the file of your application:

    # ...

The connector should be at the beginning of the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES list.


Flask applications require a small modification as well. It is necessary to create a hook to intercept requests:

from shadowd.flask_connector import InputFlask, OutputFlask, Connector

def before_req():
    input = InputFlask(request)
    output = OutputFlask()

    Connector().start(input, output)

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