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Multiprocessing application to download and analyze a content of an html pages.

Project description

This is the documentation for the Shaman. Multiprocessing application to combine different singular handlers against one message.

The initial purpose was to create a tool, that:
- would make possible to download and analyze a content of an html pages.
- simple enough to add a new functionality in it.
- hast to be scalable (multiprocessing).
Actual usage can be different from it. There are some spontaneous ideas:
- scanning a mongo collection and parsing documents in parallel
- parsing a lot of lines from multiple huge files, saving the results to any database (depending on the results)

There are three parts in the shaman library::

* stages (actual processors, which do represent some functionality)
* consumer (worker, that run them all in a particular order)
* daemon (run as many as needed workers. Also used as a CLI unstrument.)
All stages are run in a particular order and use the same message object (inside one worker).

Run the command::

pip install shaman

If everything is ok, you should be able to run::

shaman --help

It has to display::

usage: shaman [-h] [-i | -d] -c CONFIGURATION [--drop_first DROP_FIRST]
[--ignore_after IGNORE_AFTER]
[{stop,start,restart,} [{stop,start,restart,} ...]]

Main shaman module. Use it to start|stop|restart daemon or start non-daemon
modes of shaman

positional arguments:
Command to daemon (default: )

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i Use stdin input as main input (default: False)
-d Daemonize main process (default: False)
-c CONFIGURATION Path to configuration file (default: None)
--drop_first DROP_FIRST
drop first lines (default: 0)
--ignore_after IGNORE_AFTER


You may find an example configuration file in <path_to_python_lib>/site-packages/shaman/etc/crawler.config
It includes 4 stages::

reading from stdin
downloading page
detecting charset
print url, charset

By default, all stages reside in <path_to_python_lib>/site-packages/shaman/src/analyzers/ folder.
You may create your custom stage and put it into the custom folder.
There is a parameter in a configuration file::

custom_stage_dir = <custom_folder>

If you put some stages into this folder, shaman will also "see" them.

To check if anything is working, please, run::

echo "" | shaman -c <path_to_config> -i

More information about the package::

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