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A Trefle API Integration.

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Shamrock - A Trefle API Library

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Shamrock is a Python shallow API library for Trefle integration. It enables interacting with the Trefle plants API in Python to get the information needed for various things you might want to use the API with such as research, gardening software, automation, etc. It is made for use with Python 3.6 and above.

For the full documentation refer to Shamrock documentation.

For more information what the Trefle service provides, refer to the Trefle API documentation. It is also useful for checking out how to use the API with Shamrock library.


pipenv install shamrock


pip install shamrock

Simple Usage Example

from shamrock import Shamrock
api = Shamrock('mytoken')
species = api.species()

Advanced Usage

You can configure the API initially like this:

api = Shamrock(TOKEN)

Methods that can be run with the API are:


They correspond to the Trefle API endpoints.

You can also query a specific item from the database:


Searching is covered with a separate method:"tomato")

Navigating the API is covered with these methods:

It will work only if you previously made a request. For example:


You can also use the varoius query string options described on Trefle API documentation as keyword arguments in methods, however, be careful when unpacking filters, for example:

filters = {"filter[common_name]" : "blackwood"}


0.0.1 (27.04.2019.)

  • First release on PyPI.

0.0.2 (21.07.2020.)

  • changed so this release retains links to an old version that is to be removed.

0.1.0 (22.07.2020.)

  • updated so these things were changed:
    • Authorization is now handled through query parameter, copy module needed, new query_parameters property added and removed headers property.

    • Pagination handled through links in the body and made relative instead of absolute. No more page size.

    • Gzip response needed to unwrap the JSON response now. Will remove this in the future versions.

    • New bascic endpoints added for division classes, division orders and distributions.

    • Added new methods for client-side auth, selecting plants by distributions or genus, submitting errors and corrections.

    • Genuses endpoint renamed to genus.

    • Versioning of the API started so the url parameter in the constructor is split to base and relative urls.

    • Response changed to handle the added meta and links additions for the navigation.

  • Added ShamrockException wrapper for the low level library exceptions.

0.2.0 (15.07.2021.)

  • got deprecated so base_url parameter is now available when initiating Shamrock for drop-in replacements.

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