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Project description

Shaonutil -

Utility Functions for Developers

Stable Version -
Author: Shaon Majumder

Area of Utilities

  • file
  • image
  • imgcode
  • mysqlDB
  • network
  • process
  • security
  • stats
  • strings
  • windows


pip install shaonutil

Function Usages


Function get_module_path(module)
Function get_all_dirs()
Function get_all_files_dirs()
Function package_exists(package_name) -> Description: check if a python pcakage exists.
Function pip_install(package_name)
Function get_all_functions(object) -> Description: shaonutil.file.get_all_functions(object/file/class)
Function ConfigSectionMap(Config,section)
Function read_configuration_ini(filename)
Function read_safecase_configuration_ini(filename)
Function write_configuration_ini(configs_par,filename,f_mode)
Function read_json(filename) -> Description: Read JSON file and return dictionary
Function write_json(obj,filename) -> Description: Write JSON file
Function read_file(filename) -> Description: Read File and return lines as list
Function write_file(filename,strs,mode) -> Description: Write File from string
Function read_pickle(filename)
Function write_pickle(filename,obj_)
Function open_file_with_default_app(filepath)
Function get_last_file_of_dir(filename)
Function remove_duplicateLines_from_file(filename)
Class CaseConfigParser
    Function optionxform(optionstr)


Function svg2img(infile,outfile)
Function svg2pdf(infile,outfile)
Function change_image_size_ratio(img_name,out_name,percent)
Function draw_text(img,text,fnt_name,fnt_size)
Function merge_horizontally(images,filename)
Function merge_vertically(images,filename)
Function give_screenshot_caption(img_name,text,fnt_path)


Function calculate_checksum(data) -> Description: Calculates the checksum for EAN13-Code / EAN8-Code return type: Integer
Function verify_data(data) -> Description: Verify the EAN encoded data
Function actual_data(decodedObjects) -> Description: Returns data without checksum digit for EAN type
Function encode(type_,file_,data,rt) -> Description: Encode the data as barcode or qrcode
Function decode(infile,log) -> Description: Decode barcode or qrcode
Function markBarcode(im,decodedObjects) -> Description: Mark and show the detected barcode
Function make_barcode_matrix(type_,unique_ids,row_number,column_number,filename) -> Description: Make barcode matrix image
Function read_live_barcode(detection_threshold) -> Description: Live read the barcode and returns data

Mysql Database

Function create_configuration(option,file_name) -> Description: Creating Configuration
Function remove_aria_log(mysql_data_dir) -> Description: Removing aria_log.### files to in mysql data dir to restart mysql
Function get_mysql_datadir(mysql_bin_folder,user,pass_) -> Description: Get mysql data directory
Class MySQL -> Description: A class for all mysql actions
    Function init(config,init_start_server,log)
    Function start_mysql_server() -> Description: Start mysql server
    Function stop_mysql_server(force) -> Description: Stop MySQL Server
    Function reopen_connection() -> Description: reopen
    Function close_connection() -> Description: closing the connection
    Function config()
    Function config(new_value)
    Function filter_config()
    Function make_cursor()
    Function is_mysql_user_exist(mysql_username) -> Description: check if mysql user exist return type:boolean
    Function listMySQLUsers() -> Description: list all mysql users
    Function createMySQLUser(host,userName,password,querynum,updatenum,connection_num) -> Description: Create a Mysql User
    Function delete_mysql_user(user,host,password) -> Description: Delete a mysql user
    Function show_privileges(user,host) -> Description: Show privileges of mysql user
    Function check_privileges(database,host,username) -> Description: Check if a mysql user has privileges on a database
    Function grant_all_privileges(host,userName,privileges,database,table,querynum,updatenum,connection_num) -> Description: Grant a user all privilages
    Function grant_privileges(user,host,database,privileges,table) -> Description: Grant specified privileges for a mysql user
    Function remove_all_privileges(user,host,privileges) -> Description: Revoke/Remove all privileges for a mysql user
    Function remove_privileges(user,host,privileges) -> Description: Remove specified privileges for a mysql user
    Function change_privileges(user,host,privileges) -> Description: Change to specified privileges for a mysql user
    Function flush_privileges() -> Description: Update database permissions/privilages
    Function add_db_privilages_for_MySQLUSer()
    Function change_db_privilages_for_MySQLUSer()
    Function is_db_exist(dbname) -> Description: Check if database exist
    Function create_database(dbname) -> Description: Create Database
    Function delete_database(dbname) -> Description: Delete Database
    Function get_databases() -> Description: Get databases names
    Function create_table(tbname,column_info) -> Description: Create a table under a database
    Function delete_table(table,database) -> Description: Delete a table under a database
    Function get_tables(database) -> Description: Get table names
    Function describe_table(tbname) -> Description: Describe a table structure
    Function is_table_exist(tbname) -> Description: Check if table exist
    Function get_columns(tbname) -> Description: Get column names of a table
    Function update_row()
    Function delete_row() -> Description: Delete a row of data
    Function add_column(tbname,column_name)
    Function delete_column(tbname,column_name)
    Function delete_unique_column(tbname,column_name)
    Function change_to_unique_column()
    Function change_column()
    Function rename_column(tbname,old_column_name,new_column_name)
    Function backup_all()
    Function backup_table()
    Function backup_database()
    Function restore_table()
    Function restore_databalse()
    Function load_CSV_into_table()
    Function show_table(tbname)
    Function get_unique_id_from_field(field_name,key_length,filters) -> Description: Get a random unique id not registered in a specific field
    Function delete_row(delete_dict) -> Description: Delete a row of data
    Function insert_row(value_tupple) -> Description: Insert row of data


Function check_port(address,port,log)
Function urlExist(url) -> Description: Check if the file exist in online
Function downloadFile(url,filename) -> Description: Donwload a file if error occurs returns false
Function url_encoding_to_utf_8(url) -> Description: url_encoding_to_utf_8(url)
Function check_valid_url(url)
Class Email
    Function init()
    Function authentication()
    Function authentication(new_value)
    Function send_email(receiver_address,subject,mail_content,attachment_file_link,log)


Function is_process_exist(process_name)
Function kill_duplicate_process(process_name,log) -> Description: Kill a process if there is more than one instance is running.
Function killProcess_ByAll(PROCNAME)
Function killProcess_ByPid(pid)
Function list_processes(sort,save_file,log)
Function computer_idle_mode()
Function obj_details_dump(obj) -> Description: check dump


Function randomString(stringLength) -> Description: Generate a random string of fixed length
Function generateSecureRandomString(stringLength) -> Description: Generate a secure random string of letters, digits and special characters
Function generateCryptographicallySecureRandomString(stringLength,filters) -> Description: Generate a random string in a UUID fromat which is crytographically secure and random


Function counter(li,number)
Function occurance_dic(li)
Function mean(li) -> Description: Avearage or mean of elements - shaonutil.stats.mean(list of numbers)
Function median(li) -> Description: Median of elements - shaonutil.stats.median(list of numbers)
Function mode(li) -> Description: Mode of elements - shaonutil.stats.mode(list of numbers)


Function nicely_print(dictionary,print) -> Description: Prints the nicely formatted dictionary - shaonutil.strings.nicely_print(object)
Function change_dic_key(dic,old_key,new_key) -> Description: Change dictionary key with new key


Function is_winapp_admin() -> Description: If the windows app is running with Administrator permission
Function get_UAC_permission() -> Description: Get Windows User Account Control Permission for the executing file. If already executing file has admin access, do not ask for permission.

Function Usages End


major.minor[.maintenance[.build]] (example:

adoption: major.minor.patch.maintenance.status.trials_for_success

The last position

  • 0 for alpha (status)
  • 1 for beta (status)
  • 2 for release candidate
  • 3 for (final) release

For instance:

  • instead of 1.2-a1
  • instead of 1.2-b2 (beta with some bug fixes)
  • instead of 1.2-rc3 (release candidate)
  • instead of 1.2-r (commercial distribution)
  • instead of 1.2-r5 (commercial distribution with many bug fixes)

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