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Estimation of Shapley effects for Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output.

Project description

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Shapley-effects, or shapley, is a Python library that estimates the Shapley effects for the field of Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output [[1]]( Several features are available in the library. For a given probabilistic model and numerical function, it is possible to:

  • compute the Shapley effects,

  • compute the Sobol’ indices for dependent and independent inputs,

  • build a surrogate model to substitute the numerical function.

The library is mainly built on top of NumPy, OpenTURNS and other libraries. It is also validated and compared to the [sensitivity]( package from the R software.

## Important links

## Installation

Various dependencies are necessary in this library and we strongly recommend the use of [Anaconda]( for the installation. The dependencies are:

  • Numpy,

  • Scipy,

  • Pandas,

  • OpenTURNS,

  • Scikit-Learn,

  • GPflow.

Scikit-learn is used to build kriging and random-forest models. OpenTURNS is a very convenient tool to define probabilistic distributions. GPflow which generates kriging models from GPy using Tensorflow.

Optional dependencies are also necessary for various task like plotting or tuning the model:

  • Matplotlib,

  • Seaborn,

  • Scikit-Optimize.

These libraries can easily be installed using Anaconda and pip. Execute the following commands:

` conda install numpy pandas scikit-learn tensorflow matplotlib seaborn scikit-optimize conda install -c conda-forge openturns gpy `

The package GPflow is not available on Anaconda or PyPi. Thus it must be installed from the source. First clone the GitHub repository:

` git clone `

Then, inside the GPflow folder, execute the command:

` pip install . `

## Acknowledgements

The library has been developed at the [CEMRACS 2017]( with the help of Bertrand Iooss, Roman Sueur, Veronique Maume-Deschamps and Clementine Prieur.

## References

[1] Owen, A. B., & Prieur, C. (2017). On Shapley value for measuring importance of dependent inputs. SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification, 5(1), 986-1002.

[2] Song, E., Nelson, B. L., & Staum, J. (2016). Shapley effects for global sensitivity analysis: Theory and computation. SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification, 4(1), 1060-1083.

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