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Write documentation in comments and render it with templates.

Project description

Shell Script Documentation

Write documentation in comments and render it with templates.

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shellman can generate man pages, wiki pages and help text using documentation written in shell scripts comments.

For example:


## \brief Just a demo
## \desc This script actually does nothing.

main() {
  case "$1" in
    ## \option -h, --help
    ## Print this help and exit.
    -h|--help) shellman "$0"; exit 0 ;;

## \usage demo [-h]
main "$@"

Output when calling ./demo -h:

Usage: demo [-h]

This script actually does nothing.

  -h, --help            Print this help and exit.

You can see more examples and all the documentation in the wiki!


In the demo above we saw the three builtin templates: helptext, manpage and wikipage.

You can use your own templates by specifying them with the --template path:my/template syntax.

You can also write a plugin: see the wiki page on GitLab or on GitHub.


shellman is written in Python, so you must install it with pip:

pip install shellman

Some projects using shellman

  • shellm — A collection of scripts and libraries built on a core inclusion-system, all installable with basher. Here are a few examples:
    • daemon — A library that facilitates the writing of daemonized scripts that consume files in a watched directory.
    • debug — A simple script that sets the verbose/dry-run/debug Bash flags before running another script.
    • format — Format your output with style and color.
    • home — A home for your shell scripts!
    • loop — Control the flow of your loops (pause/resume/etc.).


Software licensed under ISC license.


All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

v0.4.1 (compare) - 2018-10-10


  • Fix body filter for Python 2 (ce7d0ef).

v0.4.0 (compare) - 2018-09-28


  • Add context variable to avoid escaping lines starting with given values (742e023).
  • Add usagetext template (a7c20fc).


  • Fix escape filter condition (f32cd43).
  • Fix python 2 unicode decode error (0040028).
  • Fix variables for output (01155fb).


  • Improve error messages (96ebb68).

v0.3.4 (compare) - 2018-09-22


  • Fix writing UTF-8 contents to file for Python 2 (9e99b23).


v0.3.3 (compare) - 2018-09-18


  • Fix manifest (missing (62ccfaf).

v0.3.2 (compare) - 2018-09-18


  • Add logo and demo.svg to fix PyPI page (1e06662).

v0.3.1 (compare) - 2018-09-18


  • Reduce size of package, simplify manifest (f123b53).
  • Switch documents to markdown (f3917e9).

v0.3.0 (compare) - 2018-09-17


  • Add credits in wikipage template (e70b7c8).
  • Add groupby_unsorted filter to improve option rendering (2e42177).
  • Add logo (f9289a0).
  • Add new reader module (ea13cfb).
  • Add option to smart_width to indent first line or not (e625afb).
  • Add vcsroot name variable (f5db3b3).


  • Change README.rst to (4628e76).


  • Fix code block (de304ee).
  • Fix credits and readme url to gitlab plugins doc (9958019).
  • Fix get context from env (f1e2296).
  • Fix usage tag (4a47431).
  • Fix wikipage template (2f5a0ad).


  • Remove blank line in AUTHORS (e414282).
  • Remove formatter options, enforce user behavior (48c26d0).
  • Remove MPL2.0 notices in sources (now ISC) (87e92df).
  • Remove pyup file, remove option-description subtag (implicit) (4a08fa1).


  • Allow failure for style and spell on travis (4a7a60f).
  • Automatically compute indent_str from indent, cast indent to int (0a09554).
  • Handle multiple file input/output, fix some templates vars, format with black (2c6672b).
  • Ignore bandit warning as irrelevant (no html templates) (4947fe5).
  • Implement context abilities (5e7c9d4).
  • Implement plugin abilities (cd4723f).
  • Implement smart_width for text format, write more templates (bb15f51).
  • Improve helptext usage display, fix smartwrap indent (11f78bf).
  • Improve manpage groff template, fix various issues (b829593).
  • Link up with argparse (12f186d).
  • Rename tag to section (5e80735).
  • Update demo script and svg (ec0c282).
  • Update docs, simplify context usage (8c6c950).
  • Use GitLab-CI instead of Travis (de662d0).

v0.2.2 (compare) - 2017-05-02


  • Change license from MPL 2.0 to ISC (no 'same license' condition) (868b89e).


  • Fix cli main return None -> 0 (7beeecc).
  • Fix codacy badge (fe55efb).
  • Fix docs spelling (69988a2).
  • Fix installation instruction (--user does not install entry point...) (aa2037b).
  • Fix man synopsis section (d79db9a).


  • Begin to fix output option (f1e5488).
  • Hide sphinx warnings, travis install enchant (c216c78).
  • Use codacy instead of codecov (c024b1c).

v0.2.1 (compare) - 2016-12-06


  • Update README, fix help display (a131b82).

v0.2.0 (compare) - 2016-12-06


  • Add check feature, add tests (4916b51).
  • Add demo example (ec78d6b).
  • Add markdown format, improve python3 compatibility, add gitignore (6b8c295).
  • Add tests (4d08087).


  • Fix changing release date over upstream update (11738c4).
  • Fix command line usage and tests usage combination (bcef7c9).
  • Fix dangerous warning about sys.argv as default value (effe263).


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