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Python to shell script transcompiler

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wip pypi pypi-version travis-ci Code Climate Test Coverage Open Source Love is transpiler that translate python to shell script language.

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< Ditective who program with Shell script >


Shell script is well known script language which is used in most of unix-like OS. Shell script lanuage garuntee to run in most unix-like OS. So many software developers are using this language when they program install script or configuration script. Because this language is really old, There are several problems. and it is hard to maintain program which is writted by Shell script language.


$ pip install supports python version over 2.6 or 3.3. and support linux and macOS. If there is error in install please write issue.


usage: sherlock [-h] [-o output] [-c] [-v] [--version] [file | command]

Python to bash trans-compiler.

positional arguments:
  [file | command]  program read from script file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -o output         output file path
  -c, --command     program passed in as string
  -v, --verbose     program run in verbose mode
  --version         show program's version number and exit

Following is basic usage.

$ sherlock

Using this command, file is translated into shell sciprt. after, it is automatically run with sh. We can find out bug from the running result.

$ sherlock -o

Using -o flag, you can save sherlock result in file. In this case script isn’t run automatically.

$ sherlock -c "echo 'Hello World.'"

Using -c flag, input command is immediately translated to shell script language and executed.

If you want to details. Please check sample codes


sherlock.cmd package

You can use general shell command importing from sherlock.cmd. When you import package, it check user already installed command and create wrap function which return stdout output.

from sherlock.cmd import ls

pipe function

In shell script, you can combine command with | operator. To do same thing in python, support pipe function.

from sherlock.cmd import wc
pipe(print('./test'), wc('-c'))


  • import syntax

  • command package

  • documentation

  • support windows batch and powershell script

  • more test…


  • MIT © 2017 Luavis

  • Icon designed by cyoh, Sherlock Holmes graphic by Matthew Davis from the Noun Project

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