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Large-scale multiobective dataset with dataset shift.

Project description

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The main motivation of the SHIFT15M project is to provide a dataset that contains natural dataset shifts collected from a web service IQON, which was actually in operation for a decade. In addition, the SHIFT15M dataset has several types of dataset shifts, allowing us to evaluate the robustness of the model to different types of shifts (e.g., covariate shift and target shift).

We provide the Datasheet for SHIFT15M. This datasheet is based on the Datasheets for Datasets [1] template.

System Python 3.6 Python 3.7 Python 3.8
Linux CPU
Linux GPU
Windows CPU / GPU <center>Status Currently Unavailable</center> <center>Status Currently Unavailable</center> <center>Status Currently Unavailable</center>

SHIFT15M is a large-scale dataset based on approximately 15 million items accumulated by the fashion search service IQON.


From PyPi

$ pip install shift15m

From source

$ git clone
$ cd zozo-shift15m
$ poetry build
$ pip install dist/shift15m-xxxx-py3-none-any.whl

Download SHIFT15M dataset

Use Dataset class

You can download SHIFT15M dataset as follows:

from shift15m.datasets import NumLikesRegression

dataset = NumLikesRegression(root="./data", download=True)

Download directly by using download scripts

Please download the dataset as follows:

$ bash scripts/


The following tasks are now available:

Tasks Task type Shift type # of input dim # of output dim
NumLikesRegression regression target shift (N, 25) (N, 1)
SumPricesRegression regression covariate shift, target shift (N, 1) (N, 1)
ItemPriceRegression regression target shift (N, 4096) (N, 1)
ItemCategoryClassification classification target shift (N, 4096) (N, 7)
Set2SetMatching set-to-set matching covariate shift (N, 4096)x(M, 4096) (1)


As templates for numerical experiments on the SHIFT15M dataset, we have published experimental results for each task with several models.

Original Dataset Structure

The original dataset is maintained in json format, and a row consists of the following:

  "user":{"user_id":"xxxx", "fav_brand_ids":"xxxx,xx,..."},
  "tags": "tag_a, tag_b, tag_c, ..."


To learn more about making a contribution to SHIFT15M, please see the following materials:


The dataset itself is provided under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license. On the other hand, the software in this repository is provided under the MIT license.

Dataset metadata

The following table is necessary for this dataset to be indexed by search engines such as Google Dataset Search.

property value
name SHIFT15M Dataset
alternateName SHIFT15M
alternateName shift15m-dataset
description SHIFT15M is a multi-objective, multi-domain dataset which includes multiple dataset shifts.
property value
name ZOZO Research
property value
name CC BY-NC 4.0


  • 01/08/2022, added tags info (#187)

Papers using this dataset

  • Papadopoulos, Stefanos I., et al. "Multimodal Quasi-AutoRegression: Forecasting the visual popularity of new fashion products." arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.04014 (2022).
  • Papadopoulos, Stefanos, et al. Fashion Trend Analysis and Prediction Model. 1, Zenodo, 2021, doi:10.5281/zenodo.5795089.


  • [1] Gebru, Timnit, et al. "Datasheets for datasets." arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.09010 (2018).

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