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A wrapper for shigatyper

Project description


Based on AGS' python dev repo template for MDU.



The scripts presented in this repository are to be used to perform in silico ID and serotyping of Shigella species. This tool takes as input a pair of ..fastq readfiles containing Illumina short reads.
This tool is intended to (eventually) be pip-installable, and to (optionally) to run from within a Singularity container for portability/repeatability. It should also self-document updates and track its version...


* Serotype: A form of classification of bacteria below the species level. Usually involves some sort of reactive between specific sera and antigens on the bacteria's wall?Shahnai2018PLOSOne_ShigellaFlexneriZ.pdf
    - what about lineage, 'biotype', 'form'?
* Serogroup: A group of serovars with common antigens.
* WGS: whole-genome sequence data. Usually, DNA sequence data comprised of short reads (between 35 and 300 bp in length) coded in the FASTQ format.


Shigella emerges from an E. coli background through acquisition of an invasion plasmid and then subsequent gene loss (thought to be adaptation to being a human pathogen). Due to this Shigella species are (currently) classified as three serogroups and one serotype:

Table A. Classification

subgroup species no. serotypes fermentation of D-mannitol
A S. dysenteriae 15 -
B S. flexneri 8† +
C S. boydii 19ª +
D S. sonnei 1 +

† Group B serotypes 1–5 are subdivided into 11 subserotypes ª Although the numbering scheme for Group C serotypes extends to serotype 20, there are only 19 serotypes because S. boydii 13 is now reclassified as Escherichia albertii, and has been removed from the scheme


ShigaTyper is a quick and easy tool designed to determine Shigella serotype using Illumina paired end reads with low computation requirement. It has been tested on an Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS guest addition on VMware Player version 14.1.1 in a Windows 7 and Virtual Box version 5.2.4 in a Windows 10 operating system.


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