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Run Shiny applications running Python in the browser.

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Shinylive Python package

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This repository contains a Python package for exporting Shiny applications as Shinylive applications.

This repository is not the same as the repository. That repository is used to generate the Shinylive assets distribution, which is a bundle containing HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and wasm files. The Python package in this repository downloads the assets and uses them to create Shinylive applications.


pip install shinylive


(Optional) Create a basic shiny application in a new directory myapp/:

shiny create myapp

Once you have a Shiny application in myapp/ and would like turn it into a Shinylive app in site/:

shinylive export myapp site

Then you can preview the application by running a web server and visiting it in a browser:

python3 -m http.server --directory site --bind localhost 8008

At this point, you can deploy the site/ directory to any static web hosting service.

Multiple applications

If you have multiple applications that you want to put on the same site, you can export them to subdirectories of the site, so that they can all share the same Shinylive assets. You can do this with the --subdir option:

shinylive export myapp1 site --subdir app1
shinylive export myapp2 site --subdir app2

Shinylive asset management

Each version of the Shinylive Python package is associated with a particular version of the Shinylive web assets. (See the releases here.)

To see which version of this Python package you have, and which version of the web assets it is associated with, simply run shinylive at the command prompt:

$ shinylive
Usage: shinylive [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  shinylive Python package version: 0.1.0
  shinylive web assets version:     0.2.1

The web assets will be downloaded and cached the first time you run shinylive export. Or, you can run shinylive assets download to fetch them.

$ shinylive assets download
Unzipping to /Users/username/Library/Caches/shinylive/

To see what versions you have installed, run shinylive assets info:

$ shinylive assets info
    Local cached shinylive asset dir:

    Installed versions:

You can remove old versions with shinylive assets cleanup. This will remove all versions except the one that the Python package wants to use:

$ shinylive assets cleanup
Keeping version 0.2.1
Removing /Users/username/Library/Caches/shinylive/shinylive-0.0.6

If you want to force it to remove a specific version, use the shinylive assets remove xxx:

$ shinylive assets remove 0.2.1
Removing /Users/username/Library/Caches/shinylive/shinylive-0.2.1

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