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Heavy-job queue processor

Project description

Heavy-job queue processor


pip install shire

Create config file

Run shire-cli create_config, follow instructions.

An example of the shire.cfg:

redis_url = redis://
db_url = postgres://peewee:123@

check_time = 5

venv_path = /path/to/your/virtualenv
sys_path = /path/to/your/project:/path/to/external/library
host = default

per_pool = 1
log_max_size = 104857600
log_directory = logs
max_logs = 5
default_log = default.log

check_time = 30

limits_update_time = 60
check_time = 1

Queue management

Interactive shire config creation

shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg create_config

Run whip (Enqueue jobs to pools)

shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg run_whip

Run scribe (Shire job logs writer)

shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg run_scribe

Run hostler (Shire failed jobs restarter)

shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg run_hostler

Run pool (Shire job executor)

shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg run_pool –name=pool_name

Run multiple pools with one master-process

shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg start_pools –names=pool_name,another_pool


Run shire

shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg run_whip shire-cli -c /path/to/your/shire.cfg run_pool –name=default

Create example jobs module:

from shire.job import Job
import requests

def save(text_len):
    # save - your external function to save result data. Shire not save any results itself.

class CountWordsAtUrl(Job):
    def run(url=None):
        resp = requests.get(url)

Create example configuration module:

from shire.config import Config as ShireConfig
conf = ShireConfig()

Enqueue job:

from my_jobs import CountWordsAtUrl
from shire_conf import conf
CountWordsAtUrl.delay(conf, pool='default', kwargs={'url': ''})

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