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GPSD shared memory tool

Project description

ShmGpsD: Shared Memory GPSD Reader

ShmGpsD reads GPS data from shared memory-enabled GPSD instances, designed for seamless integration with InfluxDB via Telegraf exec inputs (JSON). Ideal for real-time updates and effortless communication with GPSD.

Key Features:

  • Read GPS data efficiently from shared memory
  • Perfect for integrating GPS data into InfluxDB via Telegraf
  • Streamlined solution for applications requiring precise GPS information

Elevate your applications with ShmGpsD – simplicity meets accuracy.

Compiling gpsd: Optional (Only if OS distro lacks shared memory support)

git clone git:// # or
git checkout release-3.18
scons timeservice=yes magic_hat=yes nmea0183=yes ublox=yes mtk3301=yes fixed_port_speed=115200 fixed_stop_bits=1 shm_export=yes shared=yes
sudo scons install


import shmgpsd mygps = shmgpsd.SHM() for i in range(0, shmgpsd.MAXCHANNELS): ... if mygps.skyview[i].PRN != 0: ... print(f"PRN: {mygps.skyview[i].PRN:4}, "
... f"SNR: {mygps.skyview[i].ss:4}, "
... f"USED: {mygps.skyview[i].used:4}" ) ... PRN: 19, SNR: 18.0, USED: 1 PRN: 22, SNR: 28.0, USED: 1 PRN: 17, SNR: 21.0, USED: 1 PRN: 6, SNR: 31.0, USED: 1 PRN: 14, SNR: 33.0, USED: 1 PRN: 24, SNR: 17.0, USED: 1 PRN: 3, SNR: 15.0, USED: 1 PRN: 46, SNR: 29.0, USED: 0 PRN: 11, SNR: 24.0, USED: 1 PRN: 12, SNR: 20.0, USED: 0 PRN: 30, SNR: 0.0, USED: 0 print(f"Satellites visible: {mygps.satellites_visible:2}") Satellites visible: 11 print(f"Satellites used: {mygps.satellites_used:2}") Satellites used: 8

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shmgpsd-0.3.4.tar.gz (4.5 kB view hashes)

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shmgpsd-0.3.4-py3-none-any.whl (4.6 kB view hashes)

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