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Official Shooju Client

Project description

shooju is the official python client for Shooju with the following features:

  • Authentication via username and api key
  • Getting series points and fields
  • Registering import jobs and writing and removing points and fields


Install using pip:

pip install shooju

Basic Usage

>>> from shooju import Connection, sid, Point
>>> from datetime import date
>>> conn = Connection(server = <API_SERVER>, user = <USERNAME>, api_key = <API_KEY>)
>>> job = conn.register_job('China Pop.')
>>> series_id = sid("users", <USERNAME>, "china", "population")
>>> job.put_point(series_id, Point(date(2012, 1, 1), 314.3))
>>> job.put_field(series_id, "unit", "millions")
>>> print conn.get_point(series_id, date(2012, 1, 1)).value
>>> print conn.get_field(series_id, "unit")



  • series_query is first parameter in Connection.get_reported_dates() method.


  • Log warning on request retry.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Added preferred new get_series() method.
  • Moved writes to SJTS format for serialization and transport.
  • Allowed relative date format in df / dt parameters.
  • Big changes in scroll(): - date_start -> df (date_start still works but will be removed in future versions) - date_finish -> dt (date_finish still works but will be removed in future versions) - removed deprecated parameters: query_size, sort_on, sort_order, size - added max_series - added extra_params
  • Deprecated get_point and get_field methods. These will be removed in future versions.
  • Deprecated search method in favor of scroll. It will be removed in future versions.


  • Python 3 compatibility fixes.


  • Points serializers bug fixes.


  • Added operators parameter in the function.
  • Added reported_date parameter to the get_points() functions.
  • Added job.put_reported_points(series_id, reported_date, points) to write reported points based on a date.
  • Added get_reported_dates(series_id=None, job_id=None, processor=None, df=None, dt=None) to retrieve all reported_dates for one of: series_id, job_id, processor.
  • Added snapshot_date and snapshot_job_id to all get_points() functions.
  • Added serializer parameter to all get_points() functions. Built-in options are under shooju.points_serializers.*. The default can be set using shooju.options.point_serializer = shooju.points_serializers.pd_series.
  • Removed pd.get_points() and pd.get_fields(). Use serializer=shooju.points_serializers.pd_series instead.


  • Fixed negative epoch times (before year 1970) on non-unix.
  • Now using DatetimeIndex in pandas formatter for faster pandas dataframe serialization.
  • Removed pd.get_points and pd.get_fields functions. Use instead.
  • Now applying options.point_serializer everywhere. (edited)


  • Job.delete() is now part of bulk request. Use Job.submit() to run immediately.
  • Connection.delete() and Connection.delete_by_query() have been removed. Use the equivalents in job instead.


  • Fixed mget().get_point() bug.


  • Bug fixes.


  • SJTS bug fixes.


  • Bug fixes and json/msgpack/sjts auto support.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Removed ujson.
  • Using new /series API.
  • Changed size to max_points parameter. Size is still supported, but switching to max_points is encouraged.


  • Optional ujson.
  • Added options.point_serializer (shooju_point / milli_tuple).


  • Bug fixes.


  • Added options.sjts_stream.


  • Added options.sjts_chunk_size.
  • Do not fetch fields when not necessary.


  • Added SJTS.
  • Moved internal dates from unix to milli.


  • Added internal async.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Series are now written in the order of put_* calls.
  • Added retry on lock failures.


  • Retry on temporary API failure.
  • Added reported_group concept.
  • Added support for Python 3.


  • Add operators parameter to scroll and search functions. To use, pass in an array of operators without the @. For example, operators = [‘MA’].


  • Ability to upload files using sess = conn.create_uploader_session() and sess.upload_file()
  • conn.get_points(), get_point(), get_field() and get_fields() now accept snapshot_job_id and snapshot_date parameters. These parameters allow fetching historic snapshots of how the series looked after the job or at specific datetime.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: search() now returns a list instead of a dictionary.
  • search() and scroll() now accept sort_on and sort_order paramters.
  • If a non-url string is provided to Connection(), https://{} will be attempted.
  • Simpler OAuth interface and instructions have been added. See bitbucket page for details.
  • Added force parameter to delete_by_query.


  • Added job.finish(submit=True) to submit job buffer and mark a job as finished.
  • Added job context to be used like: with connection.register_job(‘testjob’) as job: …


  • Added email and google_oauth_token kwargs to Connection() to allow authentication through Google Oauth. Environment variables SHOOJU_EMAIL and SHOOJU_GOOGLE_OAUTH_TOKEN can be used instead of parameters.
  • Added Connection.user property to find the currently logged in user.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Added delete_by_query function.
  • Exposed query_size in scroll().
  • Changed default size from 10 to 0 in scroll().


  • Added remove_points and remove_fields methods to RemoteJob to clear the fields/points before sending new data.


  • Change Connection search default point size to 0


  • Fix another job cache error.


  • Added pre and post submit hooks to RemoteJob to perform actions after submitting a job to shooju


  • Fix job cache error, if exception was raised cache was not flushed


  • Connection().pd.search_series renamed to search
  • Change way DataFrame is formatted when using Connection()
  • Added key_field parameters to Connection() to add a custom name for the column using series fields


  • Connection().scroll() fixed
  • Initializing Connection doesn’t ping the API
  • If series does not exist get_point, get_points, get_field, get_fields return None


  • Connection().multi_get() renamed to mget()
  • mget().get_points(), get_fields(), get_point() and get_field() return index of their result
  • Connection().register_job() requires a description of more than 3 chars
  • Connection().scroll_series() renamed to scroll()
  • Renamed and rearranged Connection parameters: Connection(server, user, api_key)
  • Field object removed, fields return a simple dict
  • Points can have value of None

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