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A tool based on network spider technology to crawl information for numerous shows such as dramas and concerts.

Project description

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Life is generally simple and boring for science and engineering students who keep running between dormitory, laboratory and teaching building. In order to add some cultural presence on the life, showtime is designed, which is a tool based on network spider technology to crawl information for numerous shows such as dramas and concerts.


  • Support multiple types of information sources

    1. website source:

    2. APP source:

      • ☐ 大麦

    3. applet source:

      • ☐ 音乐节RSS

  • Stand-alone parallel support

    When the program is executing, several processes will be launched. Each process processes one data source, and at the same time use of multiple threads to handle multiple requests in a process. For some exceptional sources(such as MengJingHuiWebsite), more fine-grained coroutines is implemented.

  • Simple local storage and loading capabilities by using protobuf

    syntax = "proto3";
    message ShowList {
      string source = 1;
      repeated Show shows = 2;
    message Show {
      string name = 1;
      string url = 2;
      repeated Event events = 3;
      map<string, string> extra_fields = 4;
    message Event {
      string date = 1; // YYYY-mm-dd
      string time = 2; // HH:MM
      string url = 3; // http-url or https-url
      string city = 4; // 34个省级行政区域以及一线,新一线和二线城市,不带'省'和'市'等后缀,2-3个字
      string address = 5;
      Price prices = 6;
      map<string, string> extra_fields = 7;
    message Price {
      repeated float in_sale = 1;
      repeated float sold_out = 2;




  • Install with pip

    pip install show-time
  • Install from source

    pip install wheel
    python bdist_wheel
    pip install dist/show-time-0.0.5-py3-none-any.whl


import os
import logging
import showtime
from showtime.showspider_factory import ShowSpiderFactory

def print_info(show_list, rough=True):
    for show in show_list:
        if rough:
        for e in show:

def load_file(filename):
    return showtime.show_type.ShowList.load(filename)

if __name__ == '__main__':

    data_path = 'data'
    if not os.path.exists(data_path):

    # 获取showspider的工厂实例
    spider_factory = ShowSpiderFactory()

    # 获取目前已经支持的资源列表
    support_sources = spider_factory.support_sources()

    # 多进程获取所有资源对应spider的show_list,同时在每个spider内部开线程池
    total_show_list = spider_factory.get_total_show_list(support_sources, is_parallel=True)

    for show_list in total_show_list:
        # 将结果存储到本地'%s/' % (data_path, show_list.source))


If you encounter problems, please describe the problem recurrence process in issue.


  1. 为了项目的可持续发展,需要尽快完善注释和文档(资源种类太多,且每种资源的一些设定还是异构的)。

  2. 支持尚未支持的Web信息来源

  3. 频繁爬取数据,服务器拒绝访问&&偶尔会崩

  4. 思考AppSpider的基类架构

  5. 思考AppletSpider的基类架构

  6. 支持北航晨兴音乐厅的线上预定

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