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Rutgers University URL Shortener

Project description


A URL shortener for Rutgers University. For more information, contact Rutgers Open System Solutions.

Uses MongoDB. Python code targets Python 3.6.

Getting started

First, if you haven't already, add an SSH key to your GitLab account. Then, clone this repository (via ssh) to a local directory:

$ git clone


Note: Prior to beginning the main installation of Shrunk, WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux) users will likely need to install additional packages first.

Set up a virtual environment for the backend and install the python dependencies with:

$ cd backend/
$ virtualenv --no-site-packages --python="python3" venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install wheel
$ pip install -r backend/requirements.txt
$ pip install -r backend/requirements-dev.txt

you need to make a copy of the example config and setup a local mongodb

$ cd backend
$ ./ build_sphinx

This will place the Shrunk developer manual in ./build/sphinx/html. Open the file index.html in that directory to learn how to finish setting up the backend and setting up the frontend by reading the tutorials linked therein!


The backend docs are written with reStructuredText. Here's a cheatsheat to quickly get started with it.


Web Application

  • Log in with a Rutgers NetID
  • Create a short URL from a long URL
  • Given a NetID, what URLs have they created?
  • Analytics on visits. With graphs and maps!
  • Create organizations to share links with your friends!

URL Shortening Service

  • Given a short URL, redirect to the long URL
  • Track visits to the short URL
  • Track popularity and number of clicks

ACL link permissions by endpoint

  • you can list all the endpoint with flask routes

users link.validate_alias GET /api/v1/link/validate_alias/b32:alias link.validate_long_url GET /api/v1/link/validate_long_url/b32:long_url link.create_link POST /api/v1/link

viewers link.get_alias_browser_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/alias//stats/browser link.get_alias_geoip_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/alias//stats/geoip link.get_alias_overall_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/alias//stats link.get_alias_visit_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/alias//stats/visits link.get_alias_visits GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/alias//visits link.get_link GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id link.get_link_browser_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/stats/browser link.get_link_geoip_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/stats/geoip link.get_link_overall_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/stats link.get_link_visit_stats GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/stats/visits link.get_link_visits GET /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/visits

editors link.create_alias POST /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/alias link.modify_acl PATCH /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/acl link.modify_link PATCH /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id

owner link.delete_alias DELETE /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/alias/ link.delete_link DELETE /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id link.post_clear_visits POST /api/v1/link/ObjectId:link_id/clear_visits

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