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A Collectd Frontend with heart.

Project description

Sick Muse is an open source web application graphing RRD data stored by collectd.


Requires Python 2.6 or 2.7 and the following Python libraries:

  • tornado >= 2.4 (Available under Apache v2)

  • python-rrdtool >= 1.4 (Available under LGPL v3)

These dependencies do not ship with the library but will be resolved during the install:

pip install sickmuse

Running the Server

Sick Muse runs on the Tornado webserver which is a single-threaded non-blocking server. Once installed you run this server using the sickmuse command:


This will start the server running on the default port 8282. You can change the port using the --port option:

sickmuse --port=8080

The server does not daemonize itself so it is recommneded that you use one of the many available daemonization tools such as Supervisord, Upstart, or Runit.


sickmuse is released under the BSD License. See the LICENSE file for more details.

In addition to the previously listed Python dependencies, this library makes use of the following projects which are included in the distribution:

  • Twitter Bootstrap (Licensed under Apache v2)

  • RequireJS (Licensed under BSD/MIT)

  • jQuery (Licensed under MIT)

  • Font Awesome (Licensed under CC BY 3.0)

  • Flot (Licensed under MIT)

  • Backbone (Licensed under MIT)

  • Underscore (Licensed under MIT)


This project is still in its early stages and there may be bugs or rapid changes to the internal APIs. If you think you’ve found a bug or are interested in contributing to this project check out sickmuse on Github.

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