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Push a sieve script to your mailserver and have it applied automatically.

Project description

# Sieve git push deployment [![Build Status](](

## Introduction

Keep your sieve scripts in a git repos (e.g. on your mailserver), push to them to deploy a new version.

Warning: experimental, use at your own risk. Probably quite buggy, just hacked this together quickly.

## Installation

### Installation with pip

`pip3 install sieve-git-pushdeploy HOOK=/usr/local/bin/sieve_git_pushdeploy `

### Installation without pip

` virtualenv -p python2 .venv source .venv/bin/activate pip install -r requirements.txt HOOK=$(pwd)/.venv/bin/sieve_git_pushdeploy ` Copy the provided example copy to ~/.config/sieve-git-pushdeploy/sieve.conf and adjust the values.

### Setup a sieve repository

Somewhere, ` git init --bare sieve.git cd sieve.git/hooks ln -s $HOOK update ` You can also opt to only use a subset of the hooks.

Now if you clone that repo and push your configs to it, they will be checked and uploaded automatically.

## License

sieve-git-pushdeploy was written by Martin Heistermann <github()> and is available under the terms of the GPL v3.

## Ideas

  • Colored output that stands out from the rest of the git output

## Contributing

Send me a pull request on github or [email me a patch](mailto:github[]

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