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Experimental extraction of Socorro signature generation

Project description

This is an experimental extraction of the Socorro signature generation code.

Documentation:Check the README.rst file
Changelog:Check the HISTORY.rst file
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socorro-siggen is available on PyPI. You can install it with:

$ pip install siggen

Basic use

You can use socorro-siggen as a command line:

$ signify <JSONFILE>


$ cat <JSONFILE> | signify

You can use socorro-siggen as a library:

from siggen.generator import SignatureGenerator

generator = SignatureGenerator()

crash_data = {

ret = generator.generate(crash_data)

Crash data schema

This is the schema for the crash data structure:

  crashing_thread: <int or null>,    // Optional, The index of the crashing thread in threads.
                                     // This defaults to None which indicates there was no
                                     // crashing thread identified in the crash report.

  threads: [                         // Optional, list of stack traces for c/c++/rust code.
      frames: [                      // List of one or more frames.
          function: <string>,        // Optional, The name of the function.
                                     // If this is ``None`` or not in the frame, then signature
                                     // generation will calculate something using other data in
                                     // the frame.

          module: <string>,          // Optional, name of the module
          file: <string>,            // Optional, name of the file
          line: <int>,               // Optional, line in the file
          module_offset: <string>,   // Optional, offset in hex in the module for this frame
          offset: <string>           // Optional, offset in hex for this frame

                                     // Signature parts are computed using frame data in this
                                     // order:

                                     // 1. if there's a function (and optionally line)--use
                                     //    that
                                     // 2. if there's a file and a line--use that
                                     // 3. if there's an offset and no module/module_offset--use
                                     //    that
                                     // 4. use module/module_offset
        // ... additional frames

      thread_name: <string>,         // Optional, The name of the thread.
                                     // This isn't used, yet, but might be in the future for
                                     // debugging purposes.

      frame_count: <int>             // Optional, This is the total number of frames. This
                                     // isn't used.
    // ... additional threads

  java_stack_trace: <string>,        // Optional, If the crash is a Java crash, then this will
                                     // be the Java traceback as a single string. Signature
                                     // generation will split this string into lines and then
                                     // extract frame information from it to generate the
                                     // signature.

                                     // FIXME(willkg): Write up better description of this.

  oom_allocation_size: <int>,        // Optional, The allocation size that triggered an
                                     // out-of-memory error. This will get added to the
                                     // signature if one of the indicator functions appears in
                                     // the stack of the crashing thread.

  abort_message: <string>,           // Optional, The abort message for the crash, if there is
                                     // one. This is added to the beginning of the signature.

  hang_type: <int>,                  // Optional.
                                     // 1 here indicates this is a chrome hang and we look at
                                     // thread 0 for generation.
                                     // -1 indicates another kind of hang.

  async_shutdown_timeout: <text>,    // Optional, This is a text field encoded in JSON with
                                     // "phase" and "conditions" keys.
                                     // FIXME(willkg): Document this structure better.

  jit_category: <string>,            // Optional, If there's a JIT classification in the
                                     // crash, then that will override the signature

  ipc_channel_error: <string>,       // Optional, If there is an IPC channel error, it
                                     // replaces the signature.

  ipc_message_name: <string>,        // Optional, This gets added to the signature if there
                                     // was an IPC message name in the crash.

  additional_minidumps: <string>,    // Optional, A crash report can contain multiple minidumps.
                                     // This is a comma-delimited list of minidumps other than
                                     // the main one that the crash had.

                                     // Example: "browser,flash1,flash2,content"

  mdsw_status_string: <string>,      // Optional, Socorro-generated
                                     // This is the minidump-stackwalk status string. This
                                     // gets generated when the Socorro processor runs the
                                     // minidump through minidump-stackwalk. If you're not
                                     // using minidump-stackwalk, you can ignore this.

  moz_crash_reason: <string>,        // Optional, This is the MOZ_CRASH_REASON value. This
                                     // doesn't affect anything unless the value is
                                     // "MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(parentBuildID == childBuildID)".

  os: <string>,                      // Optional, The name of the operating system. This
                                     // doesn't affect anything unless the name is "Windows
                                     // NT" in which case it will lowercase module names when
                                     // iterating through frames to build the signature.

Missing keys in the structure are treated as None, so you can pass in a minimal structure with just the parts you define.


Example almost minimal, somewhat nonsense crash_data.json:

    "os": "Linux",
    "crashing_thread": 0,
    "threads": [
            "frames": [
                    "frame": 0,
                    "function": "SomeFunc",
                    "line": 20,
                    "file": "somefile.cpp",
                    "module": "",
                    "module_offset": "0x37a92",
                    "offset": "0x7fc641052a92"
                    "frame": 1,
                    "function": "SomeOtherFunc",
                    "line": 444,
                    "file": "someotherfile.cpp",
                    "module": "",
                    "module_offset": "0x39a55",
                    "offset": "0x7fc641044a55"

That produces this output:

$ cat crash_data.json | signify
  "notes": [],
  "proto_signature": "SomeFunc | SomeOtherFunc",
  "signature": "SomeFunc"

Release process

  1. Create branch

  2. Update version and release date in siggen/

  3. Update HISTORY.rst

  4. Push the branch, create a PR, review it, merge it

  5. Create a signed tag, push to github:

    git tag -s v0.1.0
    git push --tags [REMOTE] master
  6. Build:

    python sdist bdist_wheel
  7. Upload to PyPI:

    twine upload dist/*

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