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A SilverSalts Python Project

Project description

SilverSalts project

This project aims to offer python api to access SilverSalts online services.


Updates since last version
10/22/2017 - multi-language(eng, deu, fra, spa, jpn, chi_tra, chi_sim, ita, por, nld, hin) support, and new option: oem.
10/09/2017 - added a new option: use_cache, default True. If it's True and cache exists, customer will be free of charge.


ocr(spec, user, secret, host, protocol)

spec: A dictionary specifying the options for the OCR process. Supported:

- data: Actual input data, usually the buffer from file read.

- input_scheme: A string representing the scheme of input data. Supported: raw

- output_scheme: A string representing the scheme of output data. Supported: hocr, pdf

- use_cache: A boolean indicating whether to use cached results. Default: True. If cache is used, no charge

- psm: an integer indicating tesseract psm value, e.g. 12

- oem: an integer indicating tesseract oem value, e.g. 3

- lang: an array of strings indicating languages, e.g. ['eng']

(the following are considered only when the output_scheme is pdf)

- text_visible: a boolean value indicating if the recognized text is visible

- orig_visible: a boolean value indicating if the original pdf is visible

- text_color: an array of 3 floats, range from 0 to 1, indicating the rgb of desired text color, e.g. [1, 0, 0], which means red

- text_color_reflects_cl: an integer value of 1 or -1, indicating if the text (if visible) color correlates to the recognition confidence level. If -1, higher confidence means brighter color; If 1, higher confidence means darker color.

user: email of the registered user

secret: secret of the registered user (available on dashboard page after registration)

host: server url, default:

protocol: http or https, default: https


from silversalts.api import ocr

with open('input.pdf', 'rb') as i:
with open('output.pdf', 'wb') as o:
spec = {
# currently only supported value for input_scheme
'input_scheme': 'raw',
# output in pdf, or alternatively hocr
'output_scheme': 'pdf',
# use cached results (if cache is used, no charge)
'use_cache': True,
# tesseract psm value
'psm': 12,
# tesseract oem value
'oem': 3,
# language, array of language strings
'lang': ['eng'],
# the following are considered only when the output_scheme is pdf
# hide the original content so it's easier to examine the newly ocr-ed content
'orig_visible': False,
# display the ocr-ed text so we can examine the results
'text_visible': True,
# r, g, b, each ranging 0 to 1
'text_color': (1, 0.5, 1),
# 1 : the more confident, the darker
# -1 : the more confident, the brighter
'text_color_reflects_cl': 1,
# optional
# optional

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