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Assertion library (skeleton) inspired from `assertpy` but without batteries

Project description


Assertion library (skeleton) inspired from assertpy but without batteries! also allows to convert all the assertions to warnings, just like delayed asserts.

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assertpy is beautiful library but for my needs it's too much, i really loved the API of assertpy so i created new module because of following reasons

please check tests/test_*.py for use cases.

  1. I wanted assert_warn to be dynamic, i.e. given certain condition all assertions are converted to warning.
    • I added ASSERT_ERROR_AS_WARNING variable which can do that!
    • Modified assert_that API to make is call based with assert_that(.., as_warn=True)
  2. Extending is possible but i wanted more intuitive logic
    • I exposed the SimpleAssertions class, and just inherit it to add new method
  3. assert_that in assertpy creates new instance of class and loads all the extensions on every call, and i wanted to avoid that!
    • By exposing the SimpleAssertion class, you can just make it part of your assertion class

Note: earlier i used assert_that keyword from assertpy but i felt like it's copying from other library , so i changed assert_that to check, while reading this gives same amount of experience but saved 6 chars!


pip install simple-assertions


Please check tests files for more usage here is only basic usage

As Function

Just import the check function, and away you go...

from simple_assertions import check

def test_something():
    check(4 + 10).is_equal_to(14)
    check(3, "lucky_num", as_warn=True).is_equal_to(4)

As instance

from simple_assertions import SimpleAssertions

class YourTestClass:
    def __init__(self):
        self.check = SimpleAssertions().check

    def test_something(self):
        self.check(4 + 10).is_equal_to(14)
        self.check(3, "lucky_num", as_warn=True).is_equal_to(4)      

Add your own batteries

from simple_assertions import SimpleAssertions
from typing import Union

class YourAssertions(SimpleAssertions):
    def __init__(self, as_warn=False, logger=None):
        super().__init__(as_warn, logger)

    def is_greater_than(self, other: Union[int, float]):
        if self.val_to_chk.val < other:
            self.raise_err(self.compare_err_msg(other, "to be greater than"))
        return self

class YourTestClass:
    def __init__(self):
        self.check = YourAssertions().check

    def test_something(self):
        self.check(4 + 10).is_greater_than(10).is_equal_to(14)
        self.check(3, "lucky_num", as_warn=True).is_equal_to(4)      

Though only checked with unittests but it should work fine with pytest or Nose.

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