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A simple calculator library.

Project description


A simple calculator library.

This module is now a Python package. You can install it using:

$ sudo pip install simplecalculator

Examples of usage:

* `` -- a command-line utility

* `` -- a TornadoWeb applications with a minimalistic RESTful API. Do you math with curl!


Clone this repo and tests:

$ python -m unittest test

All good?

Usage (in your script)

1. Import `calculator`

2. Instantiate `SimpleCalculator()`

3. Call `run()` with the list of values, operands, and functions you want to process.

4. The history of operations, results, and unprocessed input is stored in `SimpleCalculator.log`.

Here's a short sample:

from calculator.simple import SimpleCalculator

c = SimpleCalculator()'1 + 1')
print c.log

If you want to read the state of the LCD (no kidding!), use

print c.lcd

Usage (on the command line)


$ ./ -s "1 + 2 / 6 acv 1 + 1 / 33 fmod 0.01"


$ ./ -s "1 + 2 / 6 acv 1 + 1 / 33 ceil fmod"


$ ./ -s "1 + 2 / 6 acv 1 + 1 / 33 fmod 0.01 1 2 3 4"

This calculator is as forgiving as a simple desktop calculator, it will ignore what it does not know, try to compute what it can treating the given string as a list of keystrokes. You may see one or more `status` entries after the last result, that's intended.

Usage (via curl)

If you want to implement this alculator as a RESTful API, install [TornadoWeb]( 'TornadoWeb') and run `', then use curl:

$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8888/v1/calculate -d '1 + 2 / 6 acv 1 + 1 / 33 fmod 0.01 1 2 3 4'

You can easily extend this calculator to support any number of one- and two-argument functions, search calculator/ for `fmod` and `ceil` to see what modifications you need to make.


I got asked to provide samples of my work, proof I know Python, etc. This project is way more than what I was asked to deliver, but I had more time to spare. There is more coming.


Jacek Artymiak

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