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A library to easily manage program configuration.

Project description


A library to easily manage program configuration, for Python.


pip install simplecfg

Quick Start

import simplecfg

cfg = simplecfg.Config("settings.cfg")

# Writing
cfg.set("username", "Max")
cfg["website"] = ""

# Reading
name = cfg.get("username") # 'name' contains "Max"


All of the following functions are to be called on an instance of simplecfg.Config

Name Function Argument(s) Returns
__init__(path: str) Constructor Path to the config file -
get(key: str) Get an item from the config Key name Item stored at key, otherwise None
set(key: str, value) Set a value in the config Key name, item None
delete(key: str) Remove an item from the config Key name Item if found, otherwise None
get_keys() Returns an iterable of all keys in the config - iterable
dump() Returns text representation of the config - str
wipe() Deletes all keys - -
read_file(load_if_corrupt = False) Loads config from disk Boolean to create an empty config if the file is corrupt. Otherwise, raise ValueError -
write_file() Commit config to disk - -

Magic Functions

Name Behavior
__len__() Returns the number of keys in the config
__contains__(key: str) Returns true if key exists in the config
__getitem__(key: str) Alias to get(key)
__setitem__(key: str, value) Alias to set(key, value)
__delitem__(key: str) Alias to delete(key), does not return anything


Alternatively, you may opt to use simplecfg.SynchronousConfig. It has the same functions as simplecfg.Config, but it will automatically commit the config to disk with every modification.

Predefined Directories

SimpleCFG contains some predefined directories in the module simplecfg.dir, to assist in configuration file placement. Each directory is accessed at simplecfg.dir.DIRNAME

Directory Name Linux Mac OS Windows
HOME ~ ~ ~
APP_DATA ~/.local/share ~\AppData\Roaming ~/Library/Application Support
CONFIG ~/.config ~\AppData\Roaming ~/Library/Application Support
TEMP /tmp ~\AppData\Local\Temp /tmp

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