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Simple CMR

Project description


Python package to query NASA's Common Metadata Repository with a simple and intuitive API


The NASA Common Metadata Repository hosts a wealth of information related to Earth Observation data. However, so much information can be cumbersome to those that are not fully aware of what everything is or what information can be extracted from the database.

simple-cmr aims to provide a simplified interface to work with the NASA CMR including submitting a query, accessing important metadata, and retrieving data for use. This package is intended for practitioners to provide a simple interface to script searching for known datasets and downloading the data. This package is not meant to be a discovery tool, users would ideally know what data they want to search for.


This is a simple example where one provides a collection concept ID (assuming one knows it) and space/time information to identify the granules that meet the criteria.

In this case we will be searching the Suomi-NPP ATMS Brightness Temperature collection (C1442068516-GES_DISC) over Southeast Asia for March 1, 2020.

import simplecmr as scmr

# construct query
query = scmr.Query(conceptid="C1442068516-GES_DISC", startTime='2020-03-01', endTime='2020-03-02', spatialExtent=[90,10,110,30], maxResults=10)

# print the granule information

# download the first five granules that meet our query


Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.

You can contribute in many ways:

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