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Dead simple configuration file parser.

Project description


simpleconfig is a Python module that reads INI files into a dictionary. It is both Python 2 and Python 3 compatible.


I’ve written this code several times for a couple projects; I got sick of copying the file over to new project directories.


Both a parse and parse_string function are provided. The former parses config files, and the latter parses a config file serialised into a string.

return value and example

Both parse() and parse_string return a dictionary (see below) where each section is a key at the top level, and is a dictionary of key=value pairs itself. For example, given the config file:

>>> config = """
# random version information
version = 1.0.5

; last modified 1 April 2001 by John Doe
; example taken from wikipedia
name=John Doe
organization=Acme Widgets Inc.

# use IP address in case network name resolution is not working

Parsing this with simpleconfig yields:

>>> import simpleconfig as sc
>>> cfg = sc.parse_string(config)
>>> cfg['owner']['name']
'John Doe'
'John Doe'

Note that the dictionary type returned by the parse functions is actually a kutils.dicts.AttrDictDict, which is derived from the dict type and can be used wherever a dict can.


simpleconfig is released under an ISC license.


simpleconfig was written by Kyle Isom <>.


The module is only tested for compatibility against Python 2.7 and Python 3.3+. There are no guarantees (or attempts) at compatibility with previous version of Python.

The docs are on RTD.

The source for simpleconfig is online:

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