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SimpleLayout is an easy to use plone package for creating content pages

Project description


SimpleLayout provides an intuitive way of adding and arranging the different
elements of a page such as paragraphs, images, files and links using
drag-and-drop functionality.
These elements are implemented as addable and easily arrangeable "blocks".
Because of the restricted dimensions of text, images and other content elements,
the general result is content with a uniform look and feel throughout the site.


``simplelayout.base >= 4.0`` does no longer include and install the old
simplelayout types. If you still use them, also install
But we encourage you the newer implementation in `ftw.contentpage`_!

Installing simplelayout

**New ftw.contentpage implementation**

The package ``simplelayout.base`` nowadays does no longer contain the content
type implementation. We encourage you to install `ftw.contentpage`_, which
bases on ``simlelayout.base`` and provides a simplelayout content page type
and the necessary block types.

Please follow the installation instructions in the
`readme of ftw.contentpage <>`_.

**Old simplelayout types**

If you, however, want to install the old simplelayout types, you may want to
install `simplelayout.types.common`_.

You need to install both, ``simplelayout.base`` and ``simplelayout.types.common``::


eggs +=

And install ``simplelayout.base`` and ``simplelayout.types.common`` generic
setup profiles.

How to use SimpleLayout

Check out our video section on

1.) Add a new Page from the "Add new" dropdown.

In this page one can now add the following page elements:

- File
- Image
- Link
- Page
- Paragraph

2.) Add a new Paragraph from the "Add new" dropdown:

- Provide a title for the new paragraph (not required) and check "Show Title"
to determine whether the paragraph title will appear in the page's body text.
- Provide body text for the paragraph.(Of course one could use this first
paragraph to provide the text for the whole page, but that would defeat the
purpose of having easily arrangeable "blocks" of text and other page elements)

Image tab:

- Browse for an image and provide a caption and alternative text.
- Determine whether the image is "clickable", i.e. whether the image source can
be opened in a new tab. If collective.greybox is installed, it will use
greybox to show the image.

Settings tab:

- Provide keywords/tags for categorization purposes.
- Specify "Related Items": If the "teaser" box is checked, related items of this
paragraph will be displayed underneath the paragraph.
- Provide "Creators" (Persons responsible for creating the content of this item).
- Allow comments.
- Determine whether this paragraph should be included in the site navigation
(by default it is not included).

When saving the paragraph, one is redirected to the edit tab of the parent page.
Here one is presented with the option of editing the page as a whole, or editing
one of the sub-elements of the page.
The layout of the recently added paragraph can be further manipulated using the
layout icons in the top panel of the that paragraph.
The paragraph can also easily be deleted from here, or its order in the page
changed using the "ordering" arrow icons in its top panel (will be removed,
you should use the drag'n'drop funtionality).

3.) Add an Image to the page from the "Add new" dropdown:

- Browse for an image and provide alternative text. The Title is used as the
image caption.

4.) Add a File to the page from the "Add new" dropdown:

- Browse for and add a file (for example a pdf). The file download link will be
displayed in the page content.

5.) Add a Link to the page from the "Add new" dropdown:

- Specify an external link, which will be displayed in the page.

6.) Add another page:
The parent page acts as a container in which sub pages can be added.
These will appear in the site navigation.

Page Layout:

To add layout functionality to the page as a whole, go to
"Site Setup" => "Simplelayout Configuration", and check "Show Design".
A "Design" dropdown will be added to your SimpleLayout pages, from which you can
choose one of 3 possible layouts: Normal, Two Columns, Two Columns One on Top
Here one can also determine the dimensions of the layout columns by providing pixel
values in the other 2 "configuration" tabs.

Go to the edit tab of your SimpleLayout page and choose another layout from the
"Design" dropdown.

In "Two Columns" designs it's possible to align the blocks like a table.
Use the "align to grid" link in the top panel of the page.

Drag and drop functionality:
Drag the existing content blocks into the other areas of the newly created layout,
by clicking on the top panel and dragging the block to the desired position.

Support of following products is allready included

* collective.greybox
* Products.PloneFlashUpload
tested with

Simplelayout provides the following features:

* Base functions
* Base layout rendering
* Base block actions
* Base viewlets
- one column
- two columns
- two columns with one column on top
- controls
* configlet
- simplelayout is completely configurable TTW, including image sizes and column dimensions
* design menu
- choose between the different designs/layouts
* includes block configuration adapters
- all block configs such as layout, image sizes, block height etc, will be saved in an adapter (annotations) for every block
* upgrade steps
* base JS functions
- align to grid (for two columns designs only)
- helper functions
* New scales for atct image field (requires zope restart)

For more information check simplelayout dependencies:
* simplelayout.ui.base
* simplelayout.types.common
* simplelayout.ui.dragndrop


This FAQ provides some technical information/answers.

:Q: After reinstall I lose my configlet configuration?

:A: Do not reinstall simplelayout.base using QI, but rather use portal_setup import steps.
Because the configlet data is stored in a local utility, in the event of a
reinstallation the utility will be removed (all data is gone) and added
again with default values. The following example shows how to change
the sl configlet default values with setuphandlers in a policy package.


from zope.component import getUtility
from simplelayout.base.configlet.interfaces import ISimplelayoutConfiguration

SL_CONFIGURATION = {'show_design_tab' : True,
'small_size' : 145,
'middle_size' : 302,
'full_size' : 614,
'small_size_two' : 66,
'middle_size_two' : 145,
'full_size_two' : 300}

method in

def simplelayoutConf(self):
sl_conf = getUtility(ISimplelayoutConfiguration, name='sl-config')

:Q: How does simplelayout know which content type is a block?
:A: Simplelayout marks blockable types with the interface *ISimpleLayoutBlock*

:Q: Can I use simplelayout listings on other content types?
:A: Of course, just make sure your type provides the ISimpleLayoutCapable
interface and paste the following code into your template ::

<tal:block content="structure provider:simplelayout.base.listing" />

Make simplelayout blocks addable on your type.

:Q: Can I uninstall simplelayout.base?
:A: As many new packages based on component architecture, not yet...

:Q: How can I add a new image scale?
:A: ...

:Q: How can i remove them?
:A: Navigate to portla_types/blocktype in the ZMI, select "actions" and
remove the image scale from actions list.

:Q: I have a content type which I want to use it as block in simplelayout?
:A: Just register a BrowserView named block_view for the specific content type,
then z3c knows what to do. Example in simplelayout.types.common:


permission="zope2.View" />

:Q: I would like to create my own design template?
:A: ...

:Q: Is there a possibility for blocks to show up as a portlet?
:A: This feature is under development and will be released soon.

:Q: How do you know in multible column designs, where to show up the blocks?
:A: Blocks has two additional interfaces: a slot interface and a column
interface. The slot interface tells the block where he should appear.
The column interface desides the image scale.

:Q: My images will be resized by CSS?
:A: Tick the box "Set simplelayout scales as image scales", restart zope an "recalc images".
Don't use atct_tool for this action, because it will ignore paragraphs.

:Q: Is it possible to use more than one block_view per type?
:A: Yes, in the 2.0 release of simplelayout.base its possible to define your own view
for a blockable type, you have to customize the actions and the action-icons of your
content type. the action id should look like the following example
id: sl-dummyscale-dummycssklass-myview
sl- = simplelayout prefix for actions
dummyscale = the image scale, possible values are small, half or full
dummycssklass = an additional css wrapper class
myview = your view must be registered as block_view-myview

If yout don't need a scale or additional css class, please fill in some
dummy values as in the example above, Otherwise your view will have the
wrong name.


* mess up JS
* fix block height, if moving blocks from two to one column.
* send feedback if ajax request fails


- Add ``simplelayout.base`` to your buildout configuration:


eggs +=

- Install the generic import profile.


This package provides an uninstall Generic Setup profile, however, it will
not uninstall the package dependencies.
Make sure to uninstall the dependencies if you no longer use them.


- Github:
- Issues:
- Pypi:
- Continuous integration:


This package is copyright by `4teamwork <>`_.

``simplelayout.base`` is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.

.. _ftw.contentpage:
.. _simplelayout.types.common:

4.0.6 (2016-02-18)

- Align blocks to grid after images are fully loaded. use window.onload for this purpose.

4.0.5 (2015-03-16)

- Set image block width to full width.
[Kevin Bieri]

4.0.4 (2015-02-23)

- Fix a bug which prevent the "align to grid" feature on page load.

4.0.3 (2014-07-09)

- Ensure backwards compatibility with multiview feature.

4.0.2 (2014-07-08)

- Specify version in

4.0.1 (2014-06-13)

- Nothing changed yet.

4.0.0 (2014-06-11)

- Add an "uninstall" profile.

- Drop simplelayout.types.common dependency.
If you still use simplelayout.types.common pages, you
need to verify that you still install it when upgrading!

3.0.4 (2013-12-13)

- Update english translations

- Update german translations

- Remove old i18n directory and translate everything from scratch.

3.0.3 (2013-10-16)

- Add Permission to align to grid action.

- Fix dragndrop for two column layout.

- Make layoutchanges possible on second view.

- The sizes in simplelayout controls should not be affected by font-size.
[Julian Infanger]

- Fixed problem on draging blocks in simplelayout two column layout.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0.2 (2013-05-31)

- Use percentual padding for 2 column layout.

- Fix tests - Fill text field with html.
Otherwise plone guesses the mimetyp wrong (text/plain).

3.0.1 (2013-04-16)

- No longer restrict setting set_initial_layout on objects inside
a ISimplelayoutCapable container.

- Remove everything related to workflow manipulation
from simplaylout

3.0 (2013-03-29)

- Added flowplayer icon to sl control sprites.
[Julian Infanger]

- Fix permission of simplelayout.base.actions.align.

- Add simplelayout capable behavior for sl dexterity containers.

- Simplelayout should not change the styling of default plone classes.
[Julian Infanger]

- Fix controls condition for all actions (layout + content actions).

- Only set a min-height on empty slots if you are dragging a block.
[Julian Infanger]

- Removed all important statements from css.
[Julian Infanger]

- Fix css selector for empty dropzoneportlet.

- Replace jq with $.

- Add control styles for dropzone portlet.

- Use same viewlet name for all three diffrent listing viewlets.

- Do not reset block layout when copying / moving the container.

- Fixed bug in function to get factory menu; return menu instead of True.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0c3 (2013-01-24)

- Add show_description function.

- Fix templates.

- Fix CSS for emptymarker klass.

3.0c2 (2013-01-21)

- Use more effective CSS statements, prefixed with #content so that it allows
a general styling of elements such as lists.

- Register interfaces so that they can be toggled in manage_interfaces.

- Enable/Disable factory menu on folderish blocks.

- Implement emptymarker css klass.

- Fix condition, which checks if there is a valid image in

- No longer change writing direction in block wrapper as this causes problems
with IE7.

- Implemented interface cleanup while moving a block.

- Fix CSS for factory menu.

- Fix sl-control toggler css.

- Add tests for page and paragraph creation.

- Add new slot (slotD) Interface.

- Updated default CSS for simplelayout actions.
[Julian Infanger]

- Move package to github and clean it up.

- Fix wrong initial metadata according to latest upgrade.

- Remove bad import step dependency "metadata" (does not exist).

3.0c1 (2012-07-30)

- Fix indexing blocks in container, so that it does not
break the catalog when deleting recursively.

- Handle ComponentLookupError when plone site is deleted.

- Wrap div around below-content-body viewlets, like in Plone4 templates.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b10 (2012-06-28)

- Removed multiple used id in simplelayout actions viewlet.
[Julian Infanger]

- Dont change list-style-position to inside. Causes problem with list styling.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b9 (2012-06-18)

- Do not add SearchableText if content is a file.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b8 (2012-06-11)

- Added upgradestep: Don't show Paragraph in search.
[Julian Infanger]

- Fixed indexer and eventhandlers: have to work for ISimpleLayoutCapable.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b7 (2012-06-08)

- Created indexer which adds the block SearchableText to the pages
SearchableText. Also added eventhandlers to make sure the index is
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b6 (2012-05-09)

- Fixed CSS problem with floated image and list in block.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b5 (2012-04-25)

- Show design tab for roles, which can be specified in the simplelayout configlet.
[Julian Infanger]

- Added tooltips to simplelayout actions.
[Julian Infanger]

- Fixed CSS problem with floated image and list in block.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b4 (2012-04-23)

- Do not show simplelayout controls viewlet if there are no controls.
[Julian Infanger]

3.0b3 (2012-04-05)

- Fix setBlockHeights function.

3.0b2 (2012-04-02)

- Added upgrade step

3.0b1 (2012-03-05)

- Add upgrade step for creating initial paragraph versions (paragraphs are now versioned).

- Implement new way of editing a block (edit actions will appear at mousover).
[24.01.2012, mathias.leimgruber]

- Fix right margin for small and middle images on the left site
[20.12.2011, elio.schmutz]

- Plone 4.1 compatibility: Use _ instead of - as ID sepereator.
[03.08.2011, jbaumann]

- Fix permission check for sl-actions and sl-layouts
[27.05.2011, mathias.leimgruber]

- Added some CSS for new Image display behavior.
[05.05.2011, mathias.leimgruber]

- Fix IE 7 stupid behaviour with floating elements.
[03.02.2011, mathias.leimgruber]

- Fix sl actions view, also check action condition.
[04.01.2011, mathias.leimgruber]

- fix align blocks to grid function (remove buggy px_to_em plugin)
[27.12.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- fix workflow menus css
[13.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- fix controls css
[13.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- Clean up / remove tabs in configure.zcml
[13.10.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- Fixed a bug while rendering the sl-actions (check for visible attr)
[13.10.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- Removed old Products.FlashUpload support, it's not longer necessary.
[04.10.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- implemented image scaling by Manual recalc button in
configlet is not longer necessary.
[30.09.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- added workaround for blob image field
[29.09.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

- removed actioniscons.xml and added icon_expr directly to the
content types xml. Because the actionicons tool in plone 4 has been deprecated
[12.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]
- rewrite browserviews with allowed_attributes
[12.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]


- fix alignblocktogrid function if there is only an image


- bugfix: ObjectEditedEvent, the viewname property was missed


- change dependency for simplelayout.ui.* to <=2.1


- use the action ids on blockable types to define a custom block
viewname, the custom viewname is stored in anotations.
check FAQ section in README file for an example.
- use absolute path for control icons [mathias.leimgruber]

- removed special characters that prevented buildout to
run [florian.sprenger]

- fix recalculating all images function, check if IBlockConfig is
addaptable [mathias.leimgruber]
- fire "set init. layout" on IObjectEditedEvent [mathias.leimgruber]
- use a cookie to store the edit-mode state [mathias.leimgruber]
- remove unused code [mathias.leimgruber]
- moved JS toggleEditMode function to
simplelayout.ui.base [mathias.leimgruber]
- Upgrade step from 2.0rc4 to 2.0rc5 [mathias.leimgruber]
- reorder JS by GenericSetup [mathias.leimgruber]

- mark right and left column by a css class [mathias.leimgruber]

- don't display the empty sl-control panel <div />
for anonymous users [mathias.leimgruber]

- fix event: change all block states from page [mathias.leimgruber]
- added simplelayout page to default_page_types [mathias.leimgruber]
- load sl-JS only if we are on a simplayout capable object and if user
is logged in. [mathias.leimgruber]
- simplelayout view provides a function to determin if current object is
simplelayout capable or not. [mathias.leimgruber]
- compress, merged and cache js. [mathias.leimgruber]


- remove obsolete code [mathias.leimgruber]
- added permission check befor rendering sl-actions [mathias.leimgruber]
- Change required permission to "View" from controls viewlets [mathias.leimgruber]
- updated readme


- Issue #1: fix some Translations [julian.infanger]
- Add the possobility to set simplelayout image sizes as atct image scales
Now there's no quality issue with IE anymore. [mathias.leimgruber]


- added technical FAQ to README [mathias.leimgruber]
- added HowTo to README [arno.blumer]
- fix error while reinstalling [mathias.leimgruber]
- added more info to README/HISTORY [mathias.leimgruber]
- some IE7 JS fixes [mathias.leimgruber]


- create two columns layout [mathias.leimgruber]
- fixed dragndrop functionality for two columns [mathias.leimgruber]
- align two columns layout to grid [mathias.leimgruber]
- works great in FF 2.x - 3.x
- There are some display issues in edit-mode with IE 6/7
- edit-mode for safari and IE 8 not tested
- added a tow column view with a one column slot on top [mathias.leimgruber]
- added design menu [mathias.leimgruber]
- some fixes in sl-controls ajax reload [victor.baumann]
- reload block after moving arround [mathias.leimgruber]


- Initial release
- Extracted from 1.0 [mathias.leimgruber]
- Shipps base function for simplelayout [victore.baumann]
- simplelayout configlet included [mathias.leimgruber]
- based on:
- simplelayout.types.common
- simplelayout.ui.base
- simplelayout.ui.dragndrop

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