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SimpleParam: simplified parameters with optional type and range checking

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SimpleParam was inspired by the param library which offers lots of neat features in a small package, however param has a tricky codebase. In SimpleParam you can either create Parameter or ParameterStore using simple synthax.

SimpleParam is certainly not complete and is missing a lot of awesome features of param and of course, has not been battle-tested yet. Missing features (such as Array, List, etc) will be added as my other projects that use SimpleParam will require them.


You can intilize Parameter like this:

import simpleparam as param

number = param.Number(42)

>>> Parameter(name=param, value=42, doc=')

However, it is probably better to use parameters inside of a ParameterStore, where you can store multiple parameters together and take advantage of additional functionality (e.g. locking of parameters with constant or exporting parameters as JSON object using export_as_dict):

import simpleparam as param

class Config(param.ParameterStore):
    def __init__(self):

        # # you can add parameter docstrings by setting `doc`
        self.integer = param.Integer(42,
                                     doc="A not very important value")
        # `auto_bound` forces hard bounds on values that are outside the specification
        self.number = param.Number(42.,
                                   softbounds=[0, 100],
                                   hardbounds=[1, 100],
        # setting `allow_any` to False, will force values to be of `str` instance
        self.string = param.String("string",
        # you can set internal parameter name by setting the value of `name`
        self.choice = param.Choice("foo",
                                   choices=["foo", "bar"],
        # parameters can be prevented from being changed by setting value of `constant
        self.color = param.Color("#FFFFFF",
        self.bool = param.Boolean(True)
        self.range = param.Range(value=[0, 100], hardbounds=[0, 100])

config = Config()

>>> ParameterStore(count=7)

For complete documentation, please visit the docs website.


Install from PyPI

pip install simpleparam

or directly from GitHub

pip install git+

or in development mode

git clone git+

cd SimpleParam

python develop


SimpleParam has no external requirements and works in py2 and py3.

Planned features

  • add 'List', 'Dict' classes
  • rename 'Color' to 'ColorHEX' or add 'modes': RGB or HEX
  • add Array class

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