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Plug-n-Play Simple Tag Library

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>>> import simpletag

>>> ns = simpletag.TextNS('myTextTagSpace') # Create a namespace of text IDs
... # Create integer IDs namespace with `simpletag.IntNS()`

>>> doc_1 = '/a/b'
>>> tags_1 = ['tag']

>>> doc_2 = '/b/a'
>>> tags_2 = 'tag simple!'

>>> ns.update(doc_1, tags_1)
>>> ns.update(doc_2, tags_2)

>>> print [ doc for doc in ns.query_ids('tag') ]
[u'/a/b', u'/b/a']

>>> print [ tag for tag in ns.query_tags(doc_1) ]

>>> print [ st for st in ns.stats() ]
    'term': u'simple', 'documents': 1, 'occurrences': 1
}, {
    'term': u'tag', 'documents': 2, 'occurrences': 2

>>> ns.purge()

Tag Query

Tag set query with SQLite FTS query syntax.

>>> ns.update(1, [u'民主', u'自由'])
>>> ns.update(2, [u'民主', u'Cxin123'])

>>> query  = ''
... # Query IDs of tags '民主' but not 'Cxin*' (tags start with Cxin)

>>> if ns.using_parenthesis_query:
>>>     query = u'民主 NOT Cxin*'
>>> else:
>>>     query = u'民主 -Cxin*'

>>> print [tag for tag in ns.query_ids(query)]
NOTE SQLite supports standard and parenthesis syntax, and the two are enabled mutual exclusively at compiling SQLite. Detect which one being used thru simpletag.ns.using_parenthesis. See SQLite documentation for further information.


  • As a Flask plug-in

  • Benchmark

  • Further tags analytics (e.g. top-k ~ KNN classification)

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