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the set of common tools

Project description


the set of common tools


Class EventManager

provide event sending and listening. use a hashable key to identify an event.

def f(key, data):
    print data

manager = EventManager()
manager.start() # start listen

manager.addListener(key='evnet_key', listener=f)

manager.sendEvent(key='evnet_key', 'print hello')

# other methods
manager.removeListener(key='evnet_key', f)
manager.stop() # stop listen
manager.clear() # clear event

Class Path

convenient to join file path in a chain manner:

s = Path('.')
s = s.join('a', 'b').join('..')
# s == 'a'

it uses os.path.join and always normalizes the path with os.path.normpath
because os.path.join join the 'a', '..' to 'a/..'

Module properties

read/write .properties file in line-oriented format
key=value per line through function.

the code refers to java.util.Properties in Java 1.6.

Common Usage

  • file I/O:

    # input
    properties = load(file)
    # or update existing dictionary
    load(file, properties)
    # output
    store(file, properties)
  • custom input:
    class LineReader read in one key-value data. It skips all comment lines,
    blank lines, leading whitespace, and processes multi-line data.
    loadSingle(string) read each piece of data given above to key-value.

    for line in LineReader(file): # each key-value line has no line seperator
        key, value = loadSingle(line)
        # do something
  • custom output:
    storeComments(writable, comments, linesep=os.linesep))
    write comment (accept multi-line), can specify the line terminator.
    storeSingle(writable, key, value, sep='=', linesep=os.linesep)
    write one key-value, can specify the seperator and the line terminator.

    storeComments(file, 'this is a comment')
    storeSingle(file, 'key', 'value')

File Format

normally each line is comment line or a key-value pair.

main features:

  • seperate key and value by one of =, :, , \t
  • ignore whitespaces leading in a line or around = or :
  • comment line begin with # or !
  • escape unicode by \uxxxx
  • escape special characters by adding \


  • data line ends with \ discard the line break

differences with Java:

  • store method will not write datetime comment

Thread classes

def func(a, b, stop_event):
    while 1:
        if stop_event.is_set():
        # do your work

thread = StoppableThread(target=func, args=('a', 'b'))
# ...
thread.stop(-1) # stop and join forever
# thread.stopped() == True

thread = ReStartableThread(target=func, args=('a', 'b'), event_name='stop_event') # can specify the parameter's name
# ...
thread.stop(1) # stop and join for 1 second
# ...
# ...
# ...


provide simple reliable persistence for string data base on a string key.

data changes will append to the file like logging while update. data are store in csv format. you can compress the data anytime reliably.


# common use
storage = getStorage('./data.csv')
author = storage.setdefault('author', 'sine')
storage['author'] = 'Sine'
del storage['author']

for k in storage.keys():
    print(k, storage[k])

# compress data

Change Log

v0.1.1, 2019-12-14

  • EventManager's process thread defaults to be daemon, can be set.

v0.1.0, 2019-7-21

collect from exist package:

  • sine.path-v0.1.3
  • sine.threads-v0.1.7
  • sine.event-v0.0.2

and the new 'storage'.


  • EventManager: change arguments passing, include the key (just like calling the sendEvent)
  • threads: fix about args appending

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