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Sinsy Command Line Utility

Project description

sinsy-cli is a command line interface to the Synsi web service ( ). Sinsy is an open source vocal synthetizer with a similar goal to vocaloid, cevio, alter/ego, acantorix, …

sinsy-cli will send a lyric annotated score in MusicXML format and retrieve the vocal synthesis result in wav format (and accessorily other synthesis log assets).

All online parameters found on the web service can be accessed via command line arguments

 usage: sinsy-cli [-h] [-d] [-V] [-a] [-l {japanese,english,mandarin}]
                 [-b SPKR] [-g SYNALPHA] [-v VIBPOWER] [-p F0SHIFT]
                 score_filename [score_filename ...]

GPL v3+ 2016 Olivier Jolly

positional arguments:
  score_filename        input file in MusicXML format

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug           debug parsing [default: False]
  -V, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -a, --all             Download all assets [wav + logs, defaults: download
                        only wav]
  -l {japanese,english,mandarin}, --language {japanese,english,mandarin}
                        Vocal bank language [defaults: japanese]
  -b SPKR, --bank SPKR  Vocal bank index for the given spoken language [from
                        0, max depends on language, default: 1]
  -g SYNALPHA, --gender SYNALPHA
                        Gender parameter [between -0.8 and 0.8, default: 0.55]
  -v VIBPOWER, --vibrato VIBPOWER
                        Vibrato intensity [between 0 and 2, default: 1]
  -p F0SHIFT, --pitch F0SHIFT
                        Pitch shift [in half tones, between -24 and 24,
                        default: 0]

Interact with Sinsy


Preparation of lyrics annotated score suitable to be processed by Sinsy is described in a blog post:


sinsy-cli is installable from PyPI with a single pip command:

pip install sinsy-cli

Alternatively, sinsy-cli can be run directly from sources after a git pull (recommended if you want to tweak or read the source):

git clone
cd sinsy-cli && python install

or directly from its git repository:

pip install git+

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