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Sans io telegram api with couple io backends

Project description

Sans io implementation of telegram api

Tiny telegram bot-api wrapper library.


  • aiotg is framework, not library and have no proxy support.
  • Raw api calls translation is better for understanding and will not break if telegram api will be changed.
  • snake_case


  • support both, sync and async ways to deal with io.
  • Simple as telegram api is.
  • snake_case api converted to telegram camelCase.
  • Polling offset handled for you via get_updates method.
  • Handling timeout between requests automatically (via delay keyword-only argument).
  • Use any io backend you want.


Sans io implementation based on generators for simplifying flow and holding state. siotelegram have io backends based on:

  • requests
  • aiohttp
  • httpx


  • sync:
    • python -m pip install siotelegram[requests]
  • async:
    • python -m pip install siotelegram[aiohttp]
    • python -m pip install siotelegram[httpx]



import asyncio

import siotelegram

TOKEN = "token"

def requests_example():
    api = siotelegram.RequestsTelegramApi(TOKEN, timeout=10)
    response = api.get_updates()

async def aiohttp_example():
    async with siotelegram.AioHTTPTelegramApi(TOKEN, timeout=10) as api:
        response = await api.get_updates()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    import time
    # requests
    # aiohttp

Send files

import siotelegram
api = siotelegram.RequestsTelegramApi(TOKEN, timeout=10)
name = "capybara.jpg"
api.send_photo(chat_id=chat_id, caption="Hellow world!", files_=dict(photo=open(, "rb")))

# or from in-memory bytes
import pathlib
import io
data = pathlib.Path(name).read_bytes()
f = io.BytesIO(data) = name
api.send_photo(chat_id=chat_id, caption="Hellow world!", files_=dict(photo=f))

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