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Drive GrimoireLab tools to produce a dashboard

Project description

SirMordred is the tool used to coordinate the execution of the GrimoireLab platform, via a configuration file. Below you can find details about the different sections composing the configuration file.

General Sections


  • arthur (bool: False): Use arthur for collecting items from perceval
  • arthur_url (str: None): URL for the arthur service
  • password (str: None): Password for connection to Elasticsearch
  • redis_url (str: None): URL for the redis service
  • url (str: Elasticsearch URL (Required)
  • user (str: None): User for connection to Elasticsearch ### [es_enrichment]
  • autorefresh (bool: True): Execute the autorefresh of identities
  • autorefresh_interval (int: 2): Time interval (days) to autorefresh identities
  • password (str: None): Password for connection to Elasticsearch
  • url (str: Elasticsearch URL (Required)
  • user (str: None): User for connection to Elasticsearch ### [general]
  • bulk_size (int: 1000): Number of items to write in Elasticsearch using bulk operations
  • debug (bool: True): Debug mode (logging mainly) (Required)
  • log_backup_count (int: 5): Number of rotate logs files to preserve
  • log_handler (str: file): use rotate for rotating the logs automatically
  • log_max_bytes (int: 104857600): Max number of bytes per log file
  • logs_dir (str: logs): Directory with the logs of sirmordred (Required)
  • min_update_delay (int: 60): Short delay between tasks (collect, enrich …)
  • scroll_size (int: 100): Number of items to read from Elasticsearch when scrolling
  • short_name (str: Short name): Short name of the project (Required)
  • update (bool: False): Execute the tasks in loop (Required)
  • aliases_file (str: ./aliases.json): JSON file to define aliases for raw and enriched indexes
  • menu_file (str: ./menu.yaml): YAML file to define the menus to be shown in Kibiter ### [panels]
  • community (bool: True): Include community section in dashboard
  • kibiter_default_index (str: git): Default index pattern for Kibiter
  • kibiter_time_from (str: now-90d): Default time interval for Kibiter
  • kibiter_url (str): Kibiter URL (Required)
  • kibiter_version (str: None): Kibiter version
  • kafka (bool: False): Include KIP section in dashboard
  • gitlab-issues (bool: False): Enable GitLab issues menu
  • gitlab-merges (bool: False): Enable GitLab merge requests menu
  • mattermost (bool: False): Enable Mattermost menu
  • strict (bool: True): Enable strict panels loading


  • collection (bool: True): Activate collection of items (Required)
  • enrichment (bool: True): Activate enrichment of items (Required)
  • identities (bool: True): Do the identities tasks (Required)
  • panels (bool: True): Load panels, create alias and other tasks related (Required)
  • report (bool: False): Generate the PDF report for a project (alpha)
  • track_items (bool: False): Track specific items from a gerrit repository ### [projects]
  • load_eclipse (bool: False): Load the projects from Eclipse
  • projects_file (str: projects.json): Projects file path with repositories to be collected group by projects
  • projects_url (str: None): Projects file URL ### [report]
  • config_file (str: report.cfg): Config file for the report (Required)
  • data_dir (str: report_data): Directory in which to store the report data (Required)
  • end_date (str: 2100-01-01): End date for the report (Required)
  • filters (list: []): General filters to be applied to all queries
  • interval (str: quarter): Interval for the report (Required)
  • offset (str: None): Date offset to be applied to start and end
  • start_date (str: 1970-01-01): Start date for the report (Required) ### [sortinghat]
  • affiliate (bool: True): Affiliate identities to organizations (Required)
  • autogender (bool: False): Add gender to the profiles (executes autogender)
  • autoprofile (list: [‘customer’, ‘git’, ‘github’]): Order in which to get the identities information for filling the profile (Required)
  • bots_names (list: []): Name of the identities to be marked as bots
  • database (str: sortinghat_db): Name of the Sortinghat database (Required)
  • host (str: mariadb): Host with the Sortinghat database (Required)
  • identities_api_token (str: None): API token for remote operation with GitHub and Gitlab
  • identities_export_url (str: None): URL in which to export the identities in Sortinghat
  • identities_file (list: []): File path with the identities to be loaded in Sortinghat
  • identities_format (str: sortinghat): Format of the identities data to be loaded
  • load_orgs (bool: False):
  • matching (list: [‘email’]): Algorithm for matching identities in Sortinghat (Required)
  • no_bots_names (list: []): Name of the identities to be unmarked as bots
  • orgs_file (str: None): File path with the organizations to be loaded in Sortinghat
  • password (str: ): Password to access the Sortinghat database (Required)
  • reset_on_load (bool: False): Unmerge and remove affiliations for all identities on load
  • sleep_for (int: 3600): Delay between task identities executions (Required)
  • strict_mapping (bool: True): rigorous check of values in identities matching (i.e, well formed email addresses)
  • unaffiliated_group (str: Unknown): Name of the organization for unaffiliated identities (Required)
  • user (str: root): User to access the Sortinghat database (Required) ### [track_items]
  • project (str: TrackProject): Gerrit project to track (Required)
  • raw_index_gerrit (str: ): Name of the gerrit raw index (Required)
  • raw_index_git (str: ): Name of the git raw index (Required)
  • upstream_raw_es_url (str: ): URL with the file with the gerrit reviews to track (Required) ## Backend Sections

In this section, a template of a backend section is shown. Further information about Perceval backends parameters are available at:

[backend-name:tag] # :tag is optional

  • collect (bool: True): enable/disable collection phase
  • raw_index (str: None): Index name in which to store the raw items (Required)
  • enriched_index (str: None): Index name in which to store the enriched items (Required)
  • studies (list: []): List of studies to be executed
  • backend-param-1: ..
  • backend-param-2: ..
  • backend-param-n: ..

Enrichment params

Some backend sections allow to specify specific enrichment options, listed below.

  • node_regex: regular expression for extracting node name from builtOn field. This regular expression must contain at least one group. First group will be used to extract node name. More groups are allowed but not used to extract anything else.

Studies Sections

In this section, a template of a study section is shown. A complete list of studies parameters is available at:

[studies-name:tag] # :tag is optional

  • study-param-1: ..
  • study-param-2: ..
  • study-param-n: ..

Project details

Download files

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