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A Python implementation of Sign-In with Ethereum (EIP-4361).

Project description

with Ethereum

This package provides a Python implementation of EIP-4631: Sign In With Ethereum.


SIWE can be easily installed in any Python project with pip:

pip install siwe


SIWE provides a SiweMessage class which implements EIP-4361.

Parsing a SIWE Message

Parsing is done by initializing a SiweMessage object with an EIP-4361 formatted string:

message: SiweMessage = SiweMessage(message=eip_4361_string)

Alternatively, initialization of a SiweMessage object can be done with a dictionary containing expected attributes:

message: SiweMessage = SiweMessage(message={"domain": "", "address": "0x1234...", ...})

Verifying and Authenticating a SIWE Message

Verification and authentication is performed via EIP-191, using the address field of the SiweMessage as the expected signer. The validate method checks message structural integrity, signature address validity, and time-based validity attributes.

if message.validate():
    # Valid
    # Invalid

Serialization of a SIWE Message

SiweMessage instances can also be serialized as their EIP-4361 string representations via the sign_message method:



Parsing and verifying a SiweMessage is easy:

message: SiweMessage = SiweMessage(message=eip_4361_string)

    if not message.validate():
        # Authentication attempt rejected.
except SiweError.EXPIRED_MESSAGE:
    # Authentication attempt rejected.
    # Authentication attempt rejected.
    # Authentication attempt rejected.
# Message has been validated. Authentication complete. Continue with authorization/other.


  • Support for contract wallets.

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