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Skip list based sorted collections

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skiplistcollections is a Python module containing skip list based sorted collections. skiplistcollections is written in Python and works with:

  • CPython 2.6+, 3.2+

  • PyPy 1.9+

Project page on GitHub:

Project page on PyPI:


SkipListDict is container providing dict-like interface and implemented using skip list. It’s permanently sorted by key.

  • Iterating the container (starting with any key, supports reverse ordering) is O(n)

  • Getting, setting and deleting arbitrary key is O(log n) on average, O(n) in worst case (degenerated skip list)

See for details.

>>> from skiplistcollections import SkipListDict
>>> things = SkipListDict(capacity=16)
>>> len(things)
>>> things['x'] = 1
>>> things.setdefault('x', 'DEFAULT')
>>> 'x' in things
>>> len(things)
>>> things['g'] = 2
>>> things['z'] = 3
>>> tuple(things.keys())
('g', 'x', 'z')
>>> tuple(things.values())
(2, 1, 3)
>>> tuple(things.items())
(('g', 2), ('x', 1), ('z', 3))
>>> tuple(things.items(start_key='x'))
(('x', 1), ('z', 3))
>>> tuple(things.items(start_key='x', reverse=True))
(('x', 1), ('g', 2))
>>> del things['z']
>>> things.update({'a': 'A', 'b': 'B'})
>>> len(things)
>>> things
SkipListDict({'a': 'A', 'b': 'B', 'g': 2, 'x': 1}, capacity=16)

As you can see, SkipListDict follows Python dict interface quite closely. In fact it inherits MutableMapping Abstract Base Class.

There are differences of course:

  • You need to set the maximum dict size when you create it

  • Initializing using another mapping is not supported yet

  • You can’t use None as a key

  • items, keys, and values are views and accept start_key and reverse parameters


SkipListSet is set implementation using skip list. It’s permanently sorted by key.

  • Iterating the container is O(n)

  • Adding, removing and checking if a key exist in the containe is O(log n) on average, O(n) in worst case (degenerated skip list)

>>> from skiplistcollections import SkipListSet
>>> things = SkipListSet(capacity=16)
>>> len(things)
>>> things.add(3)
>>> len(things)
>>> things.add(1)
>>> things.add(4)
>>> things
SkipListSet((1, 3, 4), capacity=16)
>>> tuple(things)
(1, 3, 4)
>>> things.remove(2)
Traceback (most recent call last):
KeyError: 2



  • Fixed bug with SkipListDict yielding too many items if start_key was not found (GitHub issue #1)


  • Fixed SkipListDict repr

  • Created SkipListSet


  • Included start_key and reverse values in views reprs

  • Improved README


  • items(), values(), keys() return views now


  • Improved README

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