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Click support for Slack-Bolt applications

Project description

Click support for Slack Apps

As a Python Slack-Bolt application developer I want to create slash-command that are composed with the Python Click package. I use the FastAPI web framework in asyncio mode.

I need support for --help --version and any usage error to be properly sent as Slack messages.

Quick Start

Check out the example application.


The slack-click packagage provides the following to support the Slack environment:

  • SlackClickCommand - used as the cls parameter to the click.command decorator
  • SlackClickGroup - used as the cls parameter to the decorator
  • version_option - used in the same was as the standard click.version_option decorator

The slack-click package provides a Slack Bolt registry adapter SlackAppCommands.

Example for integrating with a Slack Bolt application:

from fastapi import FastAPI
from slack_bolt.async_app import AsyncApp
from slack_bolt.adapter.socket_mode.async_handler import AsyncSocketModeHandler
from slack_click import SlackAppCommands

api = FastAPI()
slack_app = AsyncApp()
slack_socket_handler = AsyncSocketModeHandler(slack_app)
slack_commands = SlackAppCommands(app=slack_app)

A SlackAppCommands instance provides a .register() method decorator that is used to hook in the Slack bolt command handler process. See examples below.

Example for definiting a Click command handler:

import click
from slack_click import SlackClickCommand, version_option
from slack_bolt.request.async_request import AsyncBoltRequest as Request

@click.command(name="/ping", cls=SlackClickCommand)
async def cli_ping_command(obj: dict):
    request: Request = obj["request"]
    say = request.context["say"]
    await say(f"Hiya <@{request.context.user_id}>.  Ping back at you :eyes:")

Example for definiting a Click group handler "click" with a command "hello".

import click
from slack_bolt.request.async_request import AsyncBoltRequest as Request
from slack_click import SlackClickGroup, version_option

@slack_commands.register()"/click", cls=SlackClickGroup)
async def cli_click_group(obj: dict):
    This is the Clicker /click command group
    request: Request = obj["request"]
    say = request.context["say"]
    await say("`/click` command invoked without any commands or options.")

async def click_hello_command(obj):
    request: Request = obj["request"]
    await request.context.say(f"Hi there <@{request.context.user_id}> :eyes:")

Customizing Help

If you want to change the Slack message format for help or usage methods you can subclass SlackCLickCommand or SlackClickGroup and overload the methods:

  • format_slack_help - returns the Slack message payload (dict) for --help
  • format_slack_usage_help - returns the Slack message payload (dict) when click exception UsageError is raised.

For implementation details, please refer to the SlackClickHelper class, the parent class for the SlackClickCommand and SlackClickGroup classes.


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