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Python logging handler which posts to slack

Project description

This package provides logging.Handler implementations that will send message to a slack channel. Supports updated slack.WebClient API released in 2020.


See https::// to for information on setting up app and get an authorization token. Only a “bot” token is required to use SlackHandler, however, the unittest is more complete with a “user” token.


How often messages can be sent is limited by slack. See By default, this handler only sends accumulated messages every 60 seconds. That can be adjusted by the optional update argument to SlackHandler.

send_remaining() should be called prior to program exit to send any remaining messages.


from nmrbox_slack import SlackHandler
token = 'your token here'
channel = 'your channel name'
handler = SlackHandler(token, channel)
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s')
example_logger = logging.getLogger("Test Logger")
example_logger.propagate = False
example_logger.setLevel(logging.INFO)"Then shalt thou use Python three, no more, no less.")
# at end of program


Two versions are currently supported.

  • SlackHandler connects to slack upon creation and validates the token and channel name.

  • LazySlackHandler does not attempt to connect to slack until the first message is sent.

SlackHandler is recommended if it is known messages are to be sent. LazySlackHandler is available to reduce overhead of processes which typically do not send messages.

Additional channels

Sending to additional channels may be done more efficiently with the SlackHandler.additional_channel_handler() method.

from nmrbox_slack.slacklogger import SlackHandler
token = 'your token here'
channel = 'your channel name'
handler = SlackHandler(token, channel)
second_handler = heandler.additional_channel_handler('second channel name')

From mapping

from_mapping(mapping:Mapping,,lazy:bool)* will return a SlackHandler or LazySlackHandler from a mapping:

    'channel':<channel name>,
    'token file': <file with token in it>

Release history

2.0 New API from slack 2.2.2 Add pagination

Funding acknowledgment

This work supported by National Institutes of Health (NIH) / National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), grant 1P41GM111135.

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