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Framework for interactive slide decks in the terminal

Project description


A Python library for creating interactive presentations in Linux terminals.


  • Python 3.8 or newer
  • Linux (unless you avoid the Linux-specific stuff)


Here's a quick example:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from slideception import display_slides, ipython, slide

def context_managers():
    """Context Managers

    A **context manager** is a thing that can be used in a `with` block.

    with record_time() as timer:
    print(f"stuff took {timer.elapsed} seconds")

    It lets you factor out pieces of code that *surround* other code.
    # Now jump into an intepreter for a quick demo


Presentation Boilerplate

At a minimum, you'll need to import display_slides and slide and call display_slides() at the bottom of your script.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from slideception import display_slides, slide


Defining Slides


This decorator registers a function as a slide. The docstring of the function becomes the slide's content, and the body of the function is executed after the content is displayed. The docstring is parsed as CommonMark and then rendered for display in a terminal.


  • bash(history=None, init=None)

    This function starts a Bash shell which can be used to demo shell scripting and command-line programs.

    The history parameter accepts a list of commands which will be preloaded into the shell's history; this lets you simply press Up to recall those commands instead of typing them from scratch.

    The init parameter accepts a list of commands which will be executed after the shell loads your .bashrc file. This can be used to cd to a specific directory, create files, etc.

  • ipython()

    This function starts an iPython interpreter which can be used to demo Python code.

  • python()

    This function starts a Python interpreter which can be used to demo Python code. You should definitely prefer to use ipython() if possible.

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