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Email notifications for Sloth CI apps

Project description

Send email notifications when builds complete or fail.

Executing actions of an app is called *build*. A build is considered *completed* if all its actions were completed. If some actions were completed and some failed, it's a *partially completed*; if all actions fail, the build *failed*.

This extension sends you emails via SMTP when your builds complete (fully or partially) or fail; just pick the desired notification level, list the recepient emails, and enter your SMTP credentials. Optionally, you can set the subject for each notifcation level.

.. warning::

This extension uses `SMTPHandler <>`__ from logging.handlers. SMTPHandler doesn't work with GMail because it creates an smtplib.SMTP object to connect to the host, whereas GMail requires smtplib.SMTP_SSL. works fine.


.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install sloth-ci.ext.build_email_notifications


.. code-block:: yaml
:caption: build_email_notifications.yml

# Use the module sloth_ci.ext.build_email_notifications.
module: build_email_notifications

# Emails to send the notifications to.

# Log level (number or valid Python logging level name).
# ERROR includes only build fails, WARNING adds partial completions,
# INFO adds completion, and DEBUG adds trigger notifications.
# Default is WARNING.
level: INFO

# The "from" address in the emails. Default is ""

# The email subject on build trigger. You can use the {listen_point} placeholder.
# Default is "{listen_point}: Build Triggered."
subject_triggered: 'Triggered build on {listen_point}!'

# The email subject on build completion.You can use the {listen_point} placeholder.
# Default is "{listen_point}: Build Completed."
subject_completed: 'Hooray! {listen_point} works!'

# The email subject on build partial completion. You can use the {listen_point} placeholder.
# Default is "{listen_point}: Build Partially Completed."
subject_partially_completed: 'Better than nothing on {listen_point}'

# The email subject on build fail. You can use the {listen_point} placeholder.
# Default is "{listen_point}: Build Failed."
subject_failed: 'Fail on {listen_point}'

# SMTP settings.
# SMTP mail host and (if not default) port.
# Mandatory parameter.
mailhost: ''

# SMTP login.
login: foo@bar.baz

# SMTP password.
password: bar

# If the SMTP server requires TLS, set this to true. Default is false.
# If necessary, you can provide a keyfile name or a keyfile and a certificate file names.
# This param is used only if the login and password params are supplied.
secure: true
# secure:
# - keyfile
# - cerfile

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