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Slugging done right. Tries to support close to 300 languages.

Project description

Slugger solves the seemingly simple problem of turning a title into an url frienly slug:

>>> from slugger import Slugger
>>> s = Slugger(lang='en_US')
>>> s.sluggify(u'Headless-body-in-topless-bar')

Unlike many other slugging libraries, it also handles language-specific ascii-translation. Compare the ä, ö and ü in German

>>> s = Slugger(lang='de_DE')
>>> s.sluggify(u'Türöffner')

against Swedish:

>>> s = Slugger(lang='sv_SE')
>>> s.sluggify(u'Färsk Ägg')

Criterias of what makes a good slug vary, common requirements are a maximum length and a reduced character set that is highly URL-friendly.

To generate high-quality slugs, Slugger leverages the locale information from glibc (included in the package), the unihandecode library and some hand-written replacements.

>>> s = Slugger('en_US')
>>> s.sluggify(u'Bed & Breakfast')
>>> s.sluggify(u'Folding@Home')

These are also language-aware:

>>> s = Slugger('fr_FR')
>>> s.sluggify(u'Toi & Moi')

Help out

If you find a badly generated slug, please report on github. Also, any help in implementing better support for more languages is appreciated; see the official documentation on how to get involved in development.

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