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Add Click support to your SmallD bot.

Project description


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SmallD-Click is an extension for SmallD that enables the use of Click CLI applications as discord bots.


Install using pip:

$ pip install smalld-click


import click

from smalld import SmallD
from smalld_click import SmallDCliRunner

@click.option("--count", default=1, help="Number of greetings.")
@click.option("--name", prompt="Your name", help="The person to greet.")
def hello(count, name):
    """Simple program that greets NAME for a total of COUNT times."""
    for x in range(count):
        click.echo("Hello %s!" % name)

smalld = SmallD()

with SmallDCliRunner(smalld, hello, prefix="++"):

For this CLI example, if a user sends the message "++hello --count=2", then the bot will ask the user - by sending a message in the same channel - for their name, "Your name:".

If the user answers with "lymni", for example, the bot will send the message, "Hello lymni", twice.

Notice that the bot responds in a single message, instead of two, even though we call click.echo multiple times. This is because calls to echo are buffered. However, calls to prompt will cause this buffer to be flushed and its content is sent immediately.

Example Run

There is also a timeout for how long the bot will wait for the user's message, if the timeout is exceeded the bot will simply drop the execution of the command.

For an example with multiple commands that run under different names (i.e, with no common base command name) see the multicommands bot.


SmallDCliRunner(smalld, cli, prefix="", name=None, timeout=60, create_message=None, executor=None)

The SmallDCliRunner is the core class for running CLI applications.

  • smalld the SmallD instance for your bot.
  • cli a click.Command instance to use for running the commands.
  • prefix each command invocation must start with this string.
  • name the name of the CLI application, defaults to Can be used to change the command's name, or completely remove it by passing the empty string. Used with the prefix to determine what messages to consider as invocations of the CLI application.
  • timeout how long will the bot wait for the user to respond to a prompt in seconds.
  • create_message a callback for creating the message payload for discord's create message route. By default, text is sent as is in the content field of the payload.
  • executor an instance of concurrent.futures.Executor used to execute commands. By default, this is a concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor.

Instances of this class should be used as a context manager, to patch click functions and to properly close the executor when the bot stops.

Conversation(runner, message)

Represents the the state of the command invocation. Holds the runner instance, and the message payload. Also manages the interactions between the user and the CLI application.

After each prompt, the message is updated to the latest message sent by the user.


Returns the current conversation. Must only be invoked inside of a command handler.

Patched functionality

You can use click.echo, and click.prompt directly to send/wait for messages.

prompts that are hidden, using hide_input=True, are sent to the user DM, and cause the conversation to continue there.

Note that, echo and prompt will send a message in the same channel as the message that triggered the command invocation.

Calls to echo are buffered. When the buffer is flushed, its content is sent in 2K chunks (limit set by discord.) The buffer can be flushed automatically when there is a prompt, or the command finishes execution, or the content in the buffer exceeds the 2K limit.

It's also possible to flush the buffer by passing flush=True to click.echo call.


Original idea by Princess Lana.


  • Tox is used for running tests.
    • Run tox -e to run tests with your installed python version
    • Run tox -e fmt to format the code
  • Conventional Commits is used for commit messages and pull requests


Tox is used to setup and manage virtual environments when working on SmallD-Click

To run tests:

$ tox

To run the examples greet bot:

$ tox -e run -- examples/

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