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Python wrapper for FreeImage and LCMS2 libraries

Project description

smc.freeimage is a Python interface to the FreeImage and LCMS2 libraries.

Features of FreeImage

FreeImage wraps mature and widely-used libraries like LibJPEG, LibOpenJPEG, LibPNG, LibRaw, LibTIFF4, OpenEXR and zlib in a consistent and powerful set of APIs.

  • Reading of 35 file formats and writing of more than 19 file formats as of FreeImage 3.15.3, including JPEG 2000, multiple subformats of TIFF with G3/G4 fax compression and JPEG subsampling.

  • pixel depths from 1-32 bpp standard images up to formats like RGBAF and 2x64complex.

  • multi page images

  • Metadata (e.g. EXIF, IPTC/NAA, GeoTIFF, XMP) and ICC

  • Color adjustment, conversion and channel processing

  • Image resizing and rotation

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image processing and tone mapping

  • RAW camera files

Contrary to PIL it doesn’t contain advanced image filters or drawing functions. FreeImage focuses on file formats

Features of LCMS2

LCMS2 is a color management engine that implements V2 and V4 ICC profiles up to V4.3. It supports transformation, proofing and introspection of profiles for a large variety of color formats and targets.

Features of smc.freeimage

smc.freeimage is developed as part of the closed source Visual Library framework.

  • mostly written with Cython with some lines of handwritten C Code and some Python helpers.

  • fast. It avoids copying large amounts of data and releases the GIL whenever possible.

  • 64bit safe, tested on i386/X86 and AMD64/X86_64 systems

  • thread safe

  • Wraps a large subset of FreeImage features


Christian Heimes Dirk Rothe

Project details

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