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General purpose Testing Utilities and also special testing tools for for Web Applications

Project description

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General purpose Testing Utilities and also special testing tools for Web Applications

Better API for accessing Selenium

With smoothtest you can write nicer tests for web sites.

class SearchEnginesDemo(unittest.TestCase):
    def setUp(self):
        # We need to enter "single test level" of life for each test
        # It will initialize the webdriver if no webdriver is present from upper levels
        self._level_mngr = WebdriverManager().enter_level(level=SINGLE_TEST_LIFE)
        # Get Xpath browser
        self.browser = self._level_mngr.get_xpathbrowser(name=__name__)

    def tearDown(self):
        # Make sure we quit those webdrivers created in this specific level of life

    def test_duckduckgo(self):
        # Load a local page for the demo
        # Type smoothtest and press enter
        self.browser.fill(".//*[@id='search_form_input_homepage']", 'smoothtest\n')
        result_link = './/a[@title="smoothtest "]'
        # Wait for the result to be available
        self.browser.wait_condition(lambda brw: brw.select_xpath(result_link))
        # Click on result
        # First result should point to github
        expected_url = ''
        wait_url = lambda brw: brw.current_url() == expected_url
        # Make sure we end up in the right url

The API is very XPath oriented, so you can test your XPath with Firefox’s extensions like FirePath.

How to use smoothtest

The main utility is the smoothtest command. This command monitors your project’s files and your unittest files for changes, it will trigger reloading and rerunning tests when a file changes. This means you can work in your code and see how tests are affected automatically. You can select a group of tests files to be monitored - that trigger partial reloads of those same modules - and an group of files or directories to trigger full reloads of the project.

It also provides a ipython UI interface to modify certain values and re-test.



To enter the Ipython UI without specifying any initial test.

If you want to start with a specific test, run this to get possible arguments.

smoothtest --help

Inside Ipython you have commands:


Where %smoothtest has same parameters as the smoothtest command but adds -u for updating test parameters and -f for forcing a reloading.

smoothtest command is still in beta stage, so some functionality won’t be as reliable as expected. (but still useful for developing tests) You may need to restart the smoothtest command from time to time.


You will need a in your PYTHONPATH that looks like this:

from smoothtest.settings.default import DefaultSettings
import logging

class Settings(DefaultSettings):
    web_server_url = 'http://localhost:8011/'

    webdriver_browser = 'Firefox' #'Chrome' 'PhantomJS'


You can use pip to install it:

pip install smoothtest

Or uninstall it:

pip uninstall smoothtest

Installing virtual screen dependencies

In ubuntu you may need to install

sudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr xvfb

Windows and Mac OSX


On windows, the smoothtest shell does not work (due to partial support of unix’s fork()) , although running test cases directly will work.


Inside Mac OS fork() should work, although I haven’t had the chance to test it there. Let me know if you do.

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