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Base on the MYCLI CLI for MySQL Database,add additional secure manner via ssh tunnel

Project description

# smycli

Base on the cli tool *mycli* (HomePage: []( ),
add additional secure manner via proxy

Quick Start

If you already know how to install python packages, then you can install it via pip:

You might need sudo on linux.

$ sudo pip install smycli

### Usage

$ smycli --help
Usage: smycli [OPTIONS] [DATABASE]

--ssh-host TEXT Ssh host of the proxy,spicify this option to
indcate use ssh tunnel;if not spicified,use
mycli directly
--ssh-port INTEGER Ssh port of the proxy.
--ssh-user TEXT Ssh user of the proxy.
--ssh-pkey TEXT Ssh pravite key
--ssh-password TEXT the password for pravite key or password auth
-h, --host TEXT Host address of the database.
-P, --port INTEGER Port number to use for connection. Honors
-u, --user TEXT User name to connect to the database.
-S, --socket TEXT The socket file to use for connection.
-p, --password TEXT Password to connect to the database
--pass TEXT Password to connect to the database
--ssl-ca PATH CA file in PEM format
--ssl-capath TEXT CA directory
--ssl-cert PATH X509 cert in PEM format
--ssl-key PATH X509 key in PEM format
--ssl-cipher TEXT SSL cipher to use
--ssl-verify-server-cert Verify server's "Common Name" in its cert
against hostname used when connecting. This
option is disabled by default
-v, --version Version of mycli.
-D, --database TEXT Database to use.
-R, --prompt TEXT Prompt format (Default: "\t \u@\h:\d> ")
-l, --logfile FILENAME Log every query and its results to a file.
--defaults-group-suffix TEXT Read config group with the specified suffix.
--defaults-file PATH Only read default options from the given file
--auto-vertical-output Automatically switch to vertical output mode
if the result is wider than the terminal
-t, --table Display batch output in table format.
--warn / --no-warn Warn before running a destructive query.
--local-infile BOOLEAN Enable/disable LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE.
--login-path TEXT Read this path from the login file.
-e, --execute TEXT Execute query to the database.
--help Show this message and exit.

### Examples
#connect mydb on localhost user mycli directly
$ smycli -h localhost -u root mydb

#connect mydb on dbhost but via the tunnel "localhost->sshhost" which is encrypted,then "sshhost->dbhost" is not encrypted.
$ smycli -u admin -h dbhost -P 3306 --ssh-user=root --ssh-host sshhost mydb

#connect mydb on dbhost but via the tunnel "localhost->dbhost" which is encrypted on the whole traffic.
$ smycli -u admin -h dbhost -P 3306 --ssh-user=root --ssh-host dbhost mydb


except the excillent features of cli tool `mycli`,smycli has additional ones:
* encrypt the traffic data via ssh
* via the "proxy node" ,connect to DB hosts from anywhere, safely

All rights of `mycli` is reserved BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS,the license is [here](,and other rights is reserved by the BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS .
All rights of `smycli` is reserved .

## Detailed Install Instructions:
you can install mycli as follows:

$ sudo pip install mycli

### Thanks:
Thanks to all the ones who made this excellent tool `mycli`.

### Compatibility

Tests have been run on OS X and Linux.

THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED IN WINDOWS, but the libraries used in this app are Windows compatible. This means it should work without any modifications.

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